The author and the BLOG

I am a Pinoy / Filipino retro game collector and here in this blog you will read about and see my collections. sometimes some cool stories on how i got the stuff.

I usually get my collections from people and junk yard sales . I don'thave that much wealth to begin with, so, I'm not really a regular when it comes to buying. I usually purchase things in bulk from people who don't want them anymore and are selling them with a insanely low price. There are times of course that i keep some cash and buy retro gaming stuff that i really like.


I'm not a pro-writer , not a pro-photographer either, so hope you guys can bare with me. I am very open anyway, correct me if ever you find something wrong with my post.
I usually don't proof read. I just write things my thoughts dictate me. I don't think i am proficient in the English language yet so cant help but commit mistakes both grammatically and in other forms. I don't really like writing that much so i usually don't have long paragraphs and stuff. but i love telling stories.

I am using a Nikon d70 to photo document my collections. The camera is pretty old, i don't know how long it will serve me but i don't think i am gonna use different camera unless in special or uncontrolled circumstances. I also have an old video camera that i am gonna use in my future posts to document some video that will come with some topics.


I do not own many and do not know much about them to be honest, but ill try to share everything i know about them as i continue to grow the number.

Right now i really don't have that huge number and knowledge. Its very hard for me to get stuff so the collection isn't growing that fast. I really like researching about stuff that i have specially the new ones that i just acquired, that makes sense , more collection more knowledge.


Im not really a gamer, but i like playing them at times , with friends. The core purpose of the whole collection is the fun and history that lies with every item i get.
Im not the type who plays straight 3 hours or more. Not really the type who wants to go home early to finish a game or something, i want it to be shared with friends. Two player and more type of games are ace for me! I like games that can struck instant enjoyment so, i guess RPG's are really not my type .