Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NEO GEO goodness!

Its been a while since i listed something ! Its a big comeback with these NEO GEO pocket awesomeness! I got this two babies separately , well, two of my favorite handheld devices!

NEO GEO pocket folks. NEO GEO Pocket color that is! Like the Gameboy color and the likes! NEO GEO pocket color is a sequel to the first gen black and white display.

SNK stuff are always expected to be though and a step ahead when it comes to video gaming although it did not pretty much depict that here because of the graphics extent.But, the thing is great! It is playable though it does not have that huge number games because of lacking communication between the company and 3rd party developers.

Although it is the last line among those SNK Neo geo products it still grabbed a pretty good market and sold around 2million units including regular pockets(according to WIKI)

Don't have much games for it yet,Just 4.

King of fighters R2

The very remarkable Sonic the hedgehog pocket adventures. My current favorite game , Metal slug 2nd mission

and Puzzle bubble mini !

Well one that pisses me off really is that you cant play it during nights or without external lighting, unlike the Sega Gamegear. But, it is actually one of those stuff that you can bring along when you are on a long travel or something. Very handy and the game cartridges are not really bulky, you can bring the thing with 2 to 4 games easy without hassle!


  1. Absolutely love my Neo Geo Pocket Colour. It's such a fantastic machine. It might only have a small library of games but about half of all the games released on it are absolutely superb. It's also a really easy machine to collect for. I managed to collect every game I wanted for the system, about 30 games, in the space of 2 months while unemployed. If you can then get the PAL boxed games, they come in mini MVS shockboxes and look gorgeous.

    If you want to get a good start on a collection there's a seller selling lots of Neo Geo Pocket Games on ebay at the moment. Really reasonable and there's not a bad game in the lots. Works out at about 4 euros a game.

  2. You should try Card Fighters' Clash (and the sequel in English ). Long live NGPC!

  3. @ retrogamer
    Nice! Yes very very playable and entertaining. Wow how i wish i can do Ebay buying that easy! Well , i never really bought anything thru Ebay or the likes, still no purchases of that nature.

    @ Flavor
    Hoping to come across that game one time!