Monday, January 30, 2012

BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! a super double down score. Konami Lethal Enforcers guns for Superfamicom :

Neat, fun! and retro . Those are the three things that i can describe my new find.

Just recently i visited a surplus shop locally, which i happen to have visited already once but, that was hell of a long time. There are hardly gaming stuff in that place, more so retro gaming consoles or items so, i visited the shop not for retro gaming related items but, for some other possible cool stuff that i might see.

Until i found 2 nice boxes lined up among the shelves. (I did not bring any camera with me at that time but i wish i did)

Yes, they are virtual arcade goodness. They are the kind of stuff that can bring you back to your childhood arcade memories and the luxury of playing it in the comforts of home. Most importantly , they are guns!!

Konami released, these arcade guns are for the game "lethal enforcers" which was also made by the same gaming company. Konami Lethal Enforcers gun for Superfamicom folks

I've always wanted to gather this kinds of stuff for enjoyment. Definitely fun to play with friends on a Saturday night with some booze.

When i got a hand on the two boxes, i was like, what the heck? they look like the same Superfamicom gun to me but they have different box design. As i inspect and look, i realized that they actually go together because they are for 1st and 2nd player respectively. So, it was a lucky day to actually find two guns that works one for the other. I could have found just one gun or two but for the same player.

This first box (which is in a great shape, mint) is for the first player. The writings on the box is pure Japanese so i was not able to read but i noticed the sign on the box that says "1".

When i opened the box, i was really impressed that the stuff is in a very great shape and complete!

The manual was there and the game cartridge itself! Still in plastic and in a mint condish!

i was instantly mesmerized by the detail and the color of the gun! It actually looks like the ones that are used in the arcade.

When i opened the manual, of course the writing was in pure Japanese so everything from there was pure instinct i guess, at least not for this picture! I wish i know them.

The second box is impeccably mint than the first player box. It is like brand new, literally. Complete and still has that scent of factory in it, barely used i can say.

This was the mark that made me realize that they are indeed different and works with one another. It says 2p , The Justifier

It still has everything inside like the first box. Very neat.

The manual? or warranty card i guess.

And the Pink gun! Merely for your partners . Lol . The color is really stunning . It is very much of the same size, style, and craftsmanship of the first player gun.

This second player has that long RJ (phone line) jack

That connects to this 1st player port,beneath the handle, which has the cable that directly connects to the Superfamicom unit. It then transmits the signals to the first player and the first player to the unit itself to avoid signal jams presumably.

The cable of the 1st Player that connects directly to the Superfamicom unit.

Both units are in an unarguably great working and cosmetic condition. I don't know if they are hard to find or rare, and i don't care either .

These Superfamicom guns are surely enjoyable! Aside from the very detailed craftsmanship and catchy colors , it will surely pull me back in time. That time when arcades where just a hit!

I can remember me spending time just to finish that shooting game inside arcade shops that had huge cabs. Now, i can actually enjoy this at home!

That is definitely retro.


  1. Another great find Rift! And in such excellent condition too. Very pretty

  2. @mad planet

    thanks man! They are pretty indeed and very fun to play with! and the 2nd player brings more than a half of that fun =)

  3. Hey that pink gun is pretty rare in the US dude. I dont know about the Jap or Pal guns.

    by the way, i found you on digitpress!

  4. @pete

    really? i did not know that =D . i have not research things about this things yet but they are fun! that's for sure.

    wow .thank you for visiting dude.I really appreciate