Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boxed! Sega V Saturn RG-JX2 . A cd based console beauty

The boxed is pretty beat up. The paper itself is not really thick like the other gaming console boxes. I don't know why but for some reason, this is relatively thin than any other that I've seen.

I did not buy an accessory or extra game for it yet. The stuff that came with it stayed with it also. The set was basically complete and with some extras i think.

So what you will see in the photos is the same stuff that i got it the first time about a year ago. Stored it in my box that i just cleaned and opened recently for booting purposes.

You can see everything lies just above and can be seen when you open the top cover of the box.

It came with 2 controllers ! at least i can play 2 player games immediately without the effort to find an extra controller. One controller has the Victor logo on it, so i am guessing that it came with the system and the previous owner just bought a second player controller to add up.

The step down adapter is generic i guess. It says, for PS, 3DO and etc. Consoles that are usually 110volts. If you don't mind me giving an info, general power outlet voltage her in the Philippines is 220v.

It also has this cartridge that i still don't know up to now )i better start researching and testing). It has actually a switch that has 6 options. You can swith on the choices 1 , Ram card, action replay, 4m direct memory , 5 and 6. I just indicated numbers on the other 3 because i cant understand an there is no written word for what use are they. I think this is an extra for i don't think that it is indeed a licensed release of Sega for this Victor Saturn.

The 4MB RAM card? Looks clean.

The Audio Video cable of course

and there is a free cd "Memorial selection". Don't know what it is for so.. again i need to do some reading i guess.

When you open the extra foam protection. You now see the console itself. Its gray with colorful button finish is really neat. You now have the Victor Saturn RG-JX2 model.

The Victor is commonly known as JVC. It has actually produced two version of the Saturn. The model one RG-JX1 which had black bottom and oval buttons and this model two RG-JX2 which had dark grey bottom and used only version 1.01 V-Saturn bios compared to 1.00 and 1.01 of the first version. They were produced 1994 an 1996 respectively.

This baby is in a very good shape. Works with no fuss during the first time i plugged it. It came with no games sure, but! When i opened the console and check out luckily there was one game on the disc player. Its a puzzle version of Street fighter.The name of the game is, "Puzzle Fighter 2", its an original copy so, i was cool to check it out an make sure the unit was on a 100% working condition.

And, it was. The controllers were sweet and responsive. Smooth loading and sound together with the picture quality. I dont know if this thing is modified or not,i will find out soon i guess. Well, I don't really collect Cd based consoles so upon knowing that this unit is sweet working just yesterday, It might not sit with me for long! =)

It was a great feeling to see those cute little characters show up again!

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