Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a bloody RED GAMEBOY . nintendo mean machine

Almost every kid in town during its time sure had or used a Nintendo Gameboy. Its popularity reached the market ceiling and peak at a time. Well,mainly because of its superb features specifically, its battery life.

Its one of those things that i always wanted but never worried and hustled to get immediately. Its one of the retro things that i easily did pass on whenever i saw one. To be honest, i had a mentality on getting a Nintendo Gameboy before i had this one. I said to myself, "i will never get myself a Gameboy unless it is on a very very cheap and steal price".

Some things really come when you expect them the least. So, this Nintendo Gameboy came.

Admittedly, i got this stuff pretty cheap! and when i buy something cheap, i mean cheap ! It is cheaper than other collectors definition of cheap.

Its not the Original release folks. This one is a re-issue.They had this things went around 1995 and the original Nintendo first releases were around 1989 which happen to be the grey colored Gameboy.

I had some few other things to go with it before i even had the unit.

I got this on a surplus shop . Its an official 1990 Konami Gameboy protector case. Its made in Japan so as expected, the quality is very nice. The rubber is still tight and the fitting is smooth. It also has a neck sling so you can bring it somewhere if you want to enjoy.

Plus, several games that i also got at a good price. I got quite a number without exerting effort yet to find, that actually tells me that Gameboy's popularity is massive and made Nintendo to produce huge amount of number because of the impeccable demand. Also, it made me realize that this machine really withstand and break the limits of durability. There are still allot of units that survived around.

Lucky, this unit had no problems. It did not have that common white line damage on LCD, knowing that that is the most common problem of Gameboy units aside from that lost or broken battery cover at the back =D


  1. Coincidentally I've been playing my GameBoy lately. Same as you I didn't buy one back in the day but held out until I found one for dirt cheap on Craigslist. Interesting rubber carrying case too - never seen one of those.

  2. I guess everyone has that same mentality when it comes to bying a Gameboy that's why they are still loads of them around HA HA =)

  3. I have owned my original Gameboy since 1990, it traveled with me everywhere. I still play it today. Nice haul btw :).

  4. WOW. That is definitely the durability and qualiaty factor Mo. Thanks!

  5. I was wondering where you get your cartridges here in Manila? (or online?) I recently unearthed my GB Color from many years back and only 1 cartridge survived (Super Marioland from 1989). Great site btw!

  6. @ myk

    thanks bro! nice gb color. might help you a little just message me on FB or e-mail. thanks!