Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Trip that's not so good. So far...

Its been a while since i last updated , It's just i am to occupied with some extra curricular activities being out of the country. Yes, at last i am about to taste far land video game stuff , retro video gaming stuff specifically. But, to be honest things dont turn out to be nice around. I have not been lurking for shops and markets for the retro gaming shiz yet but, i don't remeber passing by or even notice stuff that are actually retro gaming related. Well, i passed one video game shop and had the chance to quickly peek and saw nothing retro related but this:

Yea, i really feel sorry for this Sega dreamcast. I saw it when i was leaving the store, it was actually on the trash bin at the door. Of course, out of curiosity i spoke to the owner, i asked him "why is this here? (the dreamcast) , are you throwing it away?" Ohhhh gooodness, bad thing was, the owner does not understand English and i cant talk better local language myself so, shoot, I ended up leaving the store and will come back as soon as i figured out how to ask that in local language and i have time ha ha

I don't this place has really allot. I meant, in terms of video gaming stuff, scene and all others that come with it, at least nowadays.

I also came across this amusement park where you can play arcades and many other games , they have pretty decent shop and huge space with huge amount of cabs ! Sad thing was, when i entered the shop, i was the only one in there!

believe it or not , the park has no visitors when i came in, it was open but all i saw were employees and myself ! I don't know if it was because of the day or what but it was late afternoon that time so...

I hope to better my journey soon and find some really get some good stuff around! Hopefully. I promise to share them here as soon as i find some! Wish me luck!


  1. Hmm - I've never seen a Dreamcast with discolored plastic like that. Plenty of SNESs like that but no Dreamcasts. Guess they both had that problem.

    I'm intrigued by the "Underground" - any pics of the cabs in there?

  2. @ madplanet

    I dont know how long the dreamcast was there but, certainly it did not look good when i saw it. Yea sure i took a couple of photos, nothing special really, just like the usual cabs you see.