Monday, January 30, 2012

Turning back the hands of TIME . A Japanese retro gaming GIZMO : Sega MEGA DRIVE 16 bit goodness

Hello gamers. Its not a bad thing that at least once in a while we take time to visit and enjoy the roots of video gaming. This video game system that i am going to show may not be really the oldest of the systems but it definitely has that time of age in it, for sure.

Its a JapaneseSega Mega Drive model 1 .

Anyone who plans to get one, i guarantee you, you will not regret it. This machine is really mean and one of the best during the time. Its popularity may not match those of Nintedo systems but, this thing is a beauty. I can specifically amen to the sound quality.

The Sega megadrive 16 bit was an answer of Sega to the Rising popularity of 16 bit gaming. They succeded at that point, Sega megadrive was actually the first 16 bit game console released on 1988 (was named MK-1601 initially). Although, it still did not reach that popularity that Sega was hoping for because of the arising Superfamicom and NEC Pc engine CD raging demand.

This retro thing is complete in box. With the manuals and other paper works on it. All in japanese. Its also weird that it has one game manual on it. (the green one)Its a super masters game manual.

The unit, controller and hook ups are in a mint condition. The styro has bits of chips and scratches though.But the protection it serves is still there.

The unit is scratch-less. Mint condition.

The original and stock controller. I have yet to find the same stock controller so i can play 2 player games with a buddy.

talking about hook ups, its not different from your usual game console, so, it wont give you any hassle and fuss. The usual power supply with the common voltage requirements of 10v 850ma. The AV out is easy, uses that 5 pin AV cable that you can directly plug into your TV. Plug and play! easy but classy gaming.

This definitely is one of the sought after old gaming goodies. Why? because it is really entertaining and the game play is cool. The game library for this retro game console is huge also.If you get a chance to grab one of this, please do so.


  1. I have the original Jap release too :). There are three games that place me in the nostalgic zone: 'Strider,' 'Castle of Illusion' and 'Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure.'

  2. Nice Mo! I think i played castle of illusion =D but my all time fav game is NBA jam. i remember lots of memories playing it back then with my Genesis 2!

  3. I like to ask you something. Is there any official Sega Mega Drive 6 button turbo controller, that came originaly packed with the console?