Sunday, February 19, 2012

HOW DO YOU ENJOY RETRO GAMING? and some weekend mess on a LAZY SUNDAY

No. I will not discuss about nudity or some adult material folks =). It's just one of those Saturday night afters again.

Just a piece of sentiment. . . from a retro gaming collector

after some booze last night.I just woke up and...

One of the very fulfilling moments of my retro video gaming adventure is when i spend my weekends or free nights with my gangsters with some booze while playing games with my ADULT machines, my retro gaming gizmos i meant.

I don't know how other people enjoy the same retro gaming collection but i just hate the one's who get the enjoyment by bragging about the stuff they have and act like they know everything about it.

Unlike other collectors, or hoarders? i don't really care and envy other people's collection,all that matters for me is that i do enjoy what i have together with all the adventure, memories and thrill that came along, the "bragging rights" issue is just second thereof.

I just don't see much of a sense out of it,i meant, if you brag to "brag". I do brag about some of my stuff(not so many stuff that i can brag about actually) but,i do it on the purpose of joking, always,and not because i want to brag and dismay or disgrace someone. I don't like it when someone actually acts like he is superior or something.

for me it all boils down to whenever you actually enjoy them.Or not.

To those who enjoy bragging .Go on.. eat my pants!


  1. Don't get me started on collectors of sealed games >:(

  2. hehe, looks like my old room. I'm a bit more neat nowadays, but that's just because i only really buy shmups so not really playing massive amount of different consoles or systems. Most of my 'old' collection is boxed up waiting to sell.

  3. don't want to pass it on to your kids? . ha ha yea, i hope i have the thoughts to keep them always arranged and neat =) . when the gangsters are here at my place , that for sure is a riot.

  4. I heartily agree with you! :) Collect because YOU love the games, not because other people will love your game collection. :) I love my own collection, and although I'm pretty proud of all the items I've gathered in my gaming life, I tend to draw the line with games & franchises that really connect with me, and not just the highly sought after items. The ones that fall behind that line are the gems that make my hobby all the more worth it. ;)

    Great blog, man!