Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEO GEO MVS Metal slug 2

Busy days are over and here i am mates! My last post was about a week or more so its really nice to get back on track.

I, at times encounter consoles of different sizes, shapes and built. They can even be weird and out of the normal shape but, not did i encounter a cartridge this huge.

It's a NEO GEO MVS game.I'll be honest, i did not have any knowledge on Neo geo MVS specifically or any NEO GEO SNK products during the time i got this stuff, so i was pretty startled of its size.

Yes, its almost of the same size as the Nintendo's AV Famicom.

Or close to a commercially popular earphone box. It is indeed fairly large and bulky compared to other cartridges i realized.

This game is the famous metal slug sequel , Metal slug 2. A more graphically nice update of the first release which was a hit,just to mention.

Later on, for a 362 Mbit cartridge , i understood that it is not surprising how huge it is and the other MVS cartridges.Probably, they needed this huge boards to store more memory or something, because at its time, this games really took a quantum leap when it comes to video gaming technology.

It even have vents on it, because this cartridge would usually sit inside a arcade machine cabinet , unlike the home version AES which is comfortably placed at houses.
They also have 4 screws just right above that are easily accessible, for maintenance purposes is guess.

It is also noticeable that unlike usual cartridges, it does have 2 boards inside that inserts simultaneously to the console.

It may be a long shot but i am really dreaming to play this game and actually own a mvs arcade system, or even just an adapter with an aes system someday. Yea, i know , i know, its a dream worth big bucks =D . It is fine , as to dream is FREE. =D Who knows.


  1. You have such a great collection of cool stuff Rift. Coincidentally I was just considering buying a MVS arcade cabinet today from someone who was selling theirs for $250 which was a pretty good deal - but it was already sold when I asked about it so I didn't have to worry about whether or not to drop the money. Oh and I always enjoyed the Metal Slug games too!

  2. @ MadPlanet

    Thanks so much sir! I think yours is way cooler =) . Woa! MVS! how come it was sold already?

  3. I spend way too long analyzing the price and deciding whether it's a good deal and trying to haggle and in the meantime someone comes in and snatches it up - happens to me fairly often. Plus I have this dream of building an arcade of cabs that cost me no more than $100 each - but so far no one has taken me up on that offer.

  4. @ Madplanet

    Wow.I don't want to be sentimental but,our level of retro gaming dreams are way to far right there sir=D. Ill be happy just to own 1 NEO GEO AES system. ha ha. i just envy(in a good sense ,always) people who have that luxury of space and financial capabilities, its hard around here so that is luxurious to even dream about that. I think you can score those fairly on closed or closing arcade shops!

  5. Well, I don't really have the space and financial capabilities either - that's why it's still just a dream. Plus, even closing arcades are almost impossible to find these days and they mostly have newer driving and shooting games. Not too many older ones like I would be interested in. Oh well - one of these days maybe!

  6. yea sure! that will come sir =) . Would also really want to get a hand on one! hoping!