Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doctor V Double Trouble! A Bung doctor v 64

Okay. I didn't mean trouble as in trouble . If you can go HERE and read about my first post regarding my first Bung Doctor V64 . I mentioned how i got the stuff and the dilemma that i am having with it.

Just last, month when i was browsing an old box of more video game stuff and other toys that i got from our old house storage, i did get some more of video gaming stuff. I got some Sega stuff, some Nes and some others that i will later on post.

Meantime, Ill go on with this one good strike, yet again. I just knew that the first v64 of mine had a partner!

Yes, its a Bung Doctor v64! Again!

Now i have two of them, mean machines. One good thing though is, this stuff is stock and has the seal on the ram port and the screw holes. Meaning, this was not opened nor upgraded which was done on my other unit.The Ram available for the V64's were 128 megabits (16 MB) or 256 megabits (32 MB)

The trouble, I still have not found a power supply for them! I am having a project psu though,but its not complete yet. The port and cable used is the same as that of an S-video (4 Pin MiniDIN jack)

They are in some obvious reason the same, aside from the CD-Roms (which are easily upgradable) I consider them gems , some of my few priced possessions.


  1. Oh wow. Let me know if you ever decide to sell one. I'd love to my copy of Paper Mario before the internal battery goes ka-put.

  2. @ MIcheal

    Sure sir, ill let you know then. I just have to fix the "small" dilemma for now =)

  3. I'm so jealous! Super cool! I want one so bad!

  4. @ micheal and justin

    If ever you guys visit or come by somewhere around here in the Philippines i probably can sell them to you