Monday, February 13, 2012

An addition to my SEGA GAME GEAR collection

Game gear games and the Unit itself are unarguably collectible,that's at least for me.I don't have this "too much passion" thing for handhelds compared to consoles but, i like game gear.

Although, i think they are the kind of stuff that should be handed that extra TLC. I don't know if anyone would agree with that but,in fact, I have encountered so many broken Sega game gear units over time.LCD failure, power supply power trip, sound problems and so many other problems. Allot of them are lying around but broken.I think i can attest to that,

Yes, i own three Sega Game gears and two of them are broken.

Despite all that Sega game gear is the thing for me still, because i think it is very playable and enjoyable. Its not the type of handheld that you just want to turn off immediately after few minutes because of the game discomfort.The games are quite amusing i can say, just like a small version of your Sega Master system.

But what i like about it the most is that, it has this TV like lcd that emits light ,this then lets you play it even without a sunlight unlike your 1st gen Nintendo Gameboy(unless you have the gameboy light on it)ironically,that feature probably also gave the game gear its main fall backs such as the battery and LCD failure issues.

Back to the games, I have now a total of 20 nice games without the doubles.Pretty decent number i guess, can enjoy several games now.Plus that 1 pirate cartridge that says 73 in 1!

Among the new purchases, i immediately liked this NBA JAM game. Aside from the fact that its my favorite game when i was a kid, the graphics is neat too.(excuse me for the "not so presentable" cosmetic condition) ha ha

This wonder boy is a version of Famicom's adventure island if I am not mistaken. Game play is pretty much like it. The main character looks a bit different though .

As i also mentioned in my previous post regarding my current sega game gear collection that i really like the art work within its cartridges. I'm very appreciative of old shiz's such as this.

One of the great games among the set so far is this PSYCHIC WORLD. Very nice adventure game.Not to mention about a guys passion about the opposite (we don't see a girl as the lead character right?) =D

I purchased the set for quite a good price. Bulk,that is. So, again with that type of purchase doubles are a thing to watch out. Well, when we talk about SEGA, that double most likely will be the infamous SONIC the hedgehog, mainly because of its virtual battle with Nintendo's MARIO. LOL


  1. Hey! You've got a nice Game Gear collection going here. I still have my Game Gear and it works great! It's been stored well and handled with care since 1994.

    Some games you may be interested in are Shinobi, Lion King and Aladdin. All are pretty good for a collection

  2. @ Parko

    That's nice that you still have your sega game gear working! 1994 is quite a long time bud! It really lasts a time if just given the proper care.

    @ Tom

    Yea. I like it, its not as complicated like your PS's 2k11 i guess ha ha ha

  3. Great collection,better than mine