Thursday, February 2, 2012

where to find HK video game shops. A guide on how to go to video game shops in Hongkong

If you can remember my first post regarding the guide on how to go to video game shops in HK , this will be another game shop guide on the very few shops around the place of HONG KONG.

To go here is easy:

First, find yourself riding a Tram going to Hennessy Road. The Tram passes just right about this road so no worries. The Tram then will pass a street called heard street.There are sings, allot actually,being HK a tourist friendly, so you can see. You can instantly notice it. The street has a famous convenient store on it also that you can make as a landmark.

Just walk right into the street and you will see the Oriental 188 shopping centre.

Just go inside and you will see allot of small stores, computer stuff mostly and some adult material that are half covered with blankets =D (seriously)

Roam around and at the left most corner you will see the shop. You will see some retro video gaming stuff lying just around the door of the shop.Just like the other HONG KONG video gaming shops , you instantly notice the shop with lots of anime and video gaming posters outside the store. By the way , i cant read chinese so I DONT KNOW THE NAME OF THE STORE =) sorry.

This shop is definitely smaller than the other shops that i visited but this definitely has the quantity edge when we talk about retro gaming stuff. I mean, allot! The gamers from a far land can definitely feast on this shop!

Although the shop is very small, the stuff here are very neatly arranged and compact! You can hardly move inside because there are literally stuff anywhere!you just look and stay in a one aisle position, even just outside the store!

The shop has allot of games in stock! Sega CD, pc engine, megadrive , almost all Japanese goodness you can find here. There are even boxed and sealed stuff!

The price isn't that friendly though, just imagine a collector buying from a fellow collector. So no bargain prices again.

Always remember to bring loads of quarter when you go in this shop! you can haul dozen or so for sure. As for me, all i got were photos and eyes full of retrogaze memories.


  1. Great post, I love reading about retro game shops. Its too bad the prices there are so high. I`m curious, how much does the Hong Kong Famicom sell for?

  2. Thanks Sean! Well, that high price description of mine can be really subjective. I just don't have that well of wealth to get a hand of the stuff that are bit higher on the tags. =D but i can tell they are definitely not that cheap, maybe just right enough. You meant the HK Famicom or Super famicom?

  3. i hope to see the place when ill be in HK this summer ;)

  4. yes sir! its a nice place and a haven for retro gaming collector. Make sure you bring bucks =D

  5. @ tom

    pretty much! too bad i did not have some bucks to spend. The store had a great nummber of PC engine Hu cards!

  6. This shop's name is JOJO HOUSE, primarily because the name of the shop owner is Jojo. He's a really nice guy, though behind his occasional mohawk, he speaks nigh a word of English. He does know his stuff though. Pretty much nothing is labeled, but he knows their going prices like he would the names of the members of his family. JOJO HOUSE was one of my favorite finds in Oriental 188 Wan Chai, and I was able to score a few games I'd been searching the world for [i.e. Bionic Commando (Gameboy), Jikkyö Oshaberi Parodius (SFC) among others), and Nemesis II (Gameboy)]

    I was really impressed with his very tall stack of Sega Master System games, but I think he was particularly proud of his complete Rockman World collection for Gameboy. He tried to offer the whole package to me, but the price make my stomach turn... Maybe in another life. When I've got more time, & more money. :)