Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hand held feauture III : 1990 Sega Game Gear

Among all the handhelds i have (i do not have much), this is my all time favorite to play, as i am not a fan and an avid collector of handhelds, i have so much memories about this retro game gear that's why i treasure it.

I did not have it as a kid, but one of my friends did ,So its not bizarre how i fell in-love with it. I remember trading with it for some of my toys for days or over the week end, but of course he did not agree most of the time, he wanted to play with it as much as i did. I was also asking him if he knows someone who is selling sega game gear , that same toy that he had. That same question over and over again ha ha ha!

game gear logo (reminds of the logo which became a sign back then that a tv set is colored)

I got so attracted with every game cartridge because of the art. Very genesis looking colorful full art stickers that is over the game cartridge. I always fantasize how the gameplay goes whenever i look at the characters which are in the cartridge cover. Very nicely done. A kid would definitely love that!

I Only have 5 cartridges as of now. =) i don't mind really. Im in search of the game power rangers for it was the game i used to play allot when i borrow it.

With this Very nice pirate? boxed street fighter cartridge.

Not unlike the Sega master system cartridge that came with no artwork in the cartridge. Plain text (Choplifter)

I was lucky back in the days that i did not have to deal with this sega game gear's main drawback. Battery issue. It has the TV like lcd on it. (with the back light and color graphics) which sucks up your 6 AA battery real fast. Good thing my friend had an ac adapter to go with the system.

One remedy also aside from the power adapter(which kind off spoils the idea of being it a handheld) sega game came up with a portable rechargeable battery pack, the sega power back. It humps just right at the back of the unit.

Like a camel back. Which makes the unit sort of heavy.

It can be attached and locked at the back of the game gear with this screw.

You can charge it for time and then bring it with you for play. But i assume you still need to bring your batteries for it does not last that long really ha ha ha!

If you want a TIP, I noticed some physical features with a china made game gear (working) with my japan made game gear (defective) , aside from the obvious difference at the back

You can also notice the lcd cover . The japan made game gear is flattened and glass clear edgy look compared to the china made embossed roundy look.

I dont know what's more durable but over the years of liking Sega game gear because of the crisp graphics. Oddly, the most common problem that i encounter with this system is that the LCD(which also it strength) it fades, black's out and leaks. The power tripping also is a common defect of Sega game gear's around. Its very hard to repair this stuff that most people just display them.


  1. Ah memories! I also borrowed one of these from somebody, but I think we broke it. :(

    Now I'm buying him a DS Lite to repay him all these years.

  2. ow. too bad it broke! what happened?

    Gives hell allot of memories this game gear, that for sure, for allot of kids during the 90's