Monday, November 7, 2011

One sick DOCTOR is in! (Doctor V64 a frustrated machine)

I don't really have many items which i acquired from a family ,relative, or something like that, but for that little number, i am glad that this one is in,

i can say that this is one of the few bad ass machines that i currently have.its a Bung Enterprises Doctor V 64 (click here) for info. This is actually a development and a back up device for the infamous Nintendo64

this machine right here is figuratively and literally SICK! you see, this machine is a hell of a function. it can back up your games. AND was USED for game PIRACY (after some modifications) (no wonder selling of such was banned at Ebay) that right there Made the DOCTOR's existence extinct. read-> Nintendo VS Bung but after all for sure this tower didn't fall for that instance also made it collectible

literally speaking this bad ass is sick. you see this stuff needs a MiniIN4-pin DC power supply which i currently dont have so i cant power it up sadly.

you can also notice that it has the printer ports and the outputs for your VCD cables PLUS the NTSC and PAL switch

I hope i can find a power adapter (original) for this one so i can fire it up soon and watch my favorite VCD's! =D


  1. Personally I find that the sega saturn vcd card has the best playback since it supports all the vcd 2.0 enhancements.

    I love having my Dr V64 for unreleased games and prototype games that get leaked plus people make some mods which I can play on the real hardware.

  2. @powerman

    indeed the V64 is a very powerful tool for the N64