Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 Ways / Tips to Avoid Over Spending on Video Gaming Collection

Resources are very crucial and it plays a huge factor for gamers to acquire new items to complete they're collection or to satisfy the gaming heap. Financial resources specifically. Most of the time, people over spend, we literally forget everything else when we see a glimpse of that video game stuff that we always wanted. Which is totally wrong. Buying must always be wise and budgeted. Having realized that, i formulated some guidelines / tips that can probably solve this reoccurring event. Let me share it and i hope you appreciate. I don't claim that things written here are right but, it definitely gave me a lift and worked for me.

1. Buy only the things you can

Many people tend to over do it. Collecting is not about owning everything in one click. Always bear in mind that collecting is just a part of your life and is not your life, you have to be practical and put into consideration many other needs before wants.

2. Do not be an impulsive buyer

Don't be too giddy on every stuff that looks flashy and nice. One way of risking a potential rare item is when you start to buy everything in front of you without looking at other options. Take time to survey which item really matters and learn to dig deeper into the rubbish, you might find a fortune beneath.

3. Choose the stuff that will make you feel contented

What is really important when spending on retro gaming collection is the satisfaction one could get at the end of the day. Ask yourself which one could really make you happy. Some just go for quantity, the nostalgia, the price or the age, but those are just factors, go for the one which you think deserves a space on your collection. Buying the wrong stuff will, for quite sometime, possibly make you feel spending on something that is not worth or in short over spending.

4. Set your budget limit

Though you may have a loose budget, or you are willing to spend for a certain item, it would be better if you would do your own research first regarding the current value and price of it. Limit yourself to a specific price range, say, how much you can go up or go down. Some sellers take advantage of collectors who seem very overwhelmed with the item and are very willing to take it right away. Everyone of us has this tendency, but come on, Rule #1 says you should only buy the things you can, so you might as well be a wise spender.

5. Buy stuff that has the potential to raise up value

There are scarce items and there are rare ones. There is a huge difference between the two. Point is, you just have to really spend on the rare ones. Rare retro games are fountainheads of gaming history. They tell a different story other than those which are usually parts of the history. These rare items has the most potential to raise up value. But first, you must really know first which ones are rare, and which ones are scarce. It takes a whole lot of reading and backtracking to determine which ones are really rare. You cannot just sit there, look at your gaming collection and call yourself a "retro gaming collector". Suit up. Know the facts.

6. Stuff that come in complete set are better than those of project

When you buy complete set of gaming stuff, you remove all the hassle and extra expense that will occur from buying a loose or project item. This saves you not only from the dilemma of finding parts to complete the set, but also from spending extra cash on extra controllers, power adapter or any other hook ups. Plus, in general, complete sets are way cheaper because they come in a packaged price.

Remember that in video gaming THERE IS A RESPONSIBILITY


  1. Sensible and original post, impressive blog, thanks! :)

  2. @ Elderly

    Thank you sir for appreciating. I had problems due to over spending so i thought its a good new year to start being smart and cautious of the spending.

  3. Good pieces of advice. I also avoid spending by following tip #1.