Friday, August 5, 2011

HK love

i guess you are wondering about the topic title . why the HK love? well its simple. its just because this post is all about a FAMILY COMPUTER (ha??what?so?). okay. a HONG KONG version of a family computer . Yes! there are existing units of this model. this is how the package looks like

well its not really different from the japanese version (which is commonly known) physically, aside from the special line on the front logo on the console itself that says "Hong Kong version" but technically there is actually one special hardware that makes this specific model different from the original version. Made a couple of research and actually find this helpful info click-> 8-bit adventure

after waiting the drunkard came kasama ng epektus.

WELL. syempre nakalas ko na siya at that state.buo sya (actually it came with one cart)  Thing is. the HK famicom is one poor dirty stuff (natago sa bodega for a time that he didnt even know) the very question that puffed my mind ofcourse was, that does it still work?

 after cleaning

will update this post . after completing the missing parts of the unit