Monday, January 30, 2012

Turning back the hands of TIME . A Japanese retro gaming GIZMO : Sega MEGA DRIVE 16 bit goodness

Hello gamers. Its not a bad thing that at least once in a while we take time to visit and enjoy the roots of video gaming. This video game system that i am going to show may not be really the oldest of the systems but it definitely has that time of age in it, for sure.

Its a JapaneseSega Mega Drive model 1 .

Anyone who plans to get one, i guarantee you, you will not regret it. This machine is really mean and one of the best during the time. Its popularity may not match those of Nintedo systems but, this thing is a beauty. I can specifically amen to the sound quality.

The Sega megadrive 16 bit was an answer of Sega to the Rising popularity of 16 bit gaming. They succeded at that point, Sega megadrive was actually the first 16 bit game console released on 1988 (was named MK-1601 initially). Although, it still did not reach that popularity that Sega was hoping for because of the arising Superfamicom and NEC Pc engine CD raging demand.

This retro thing is complete in box. With the manuals and other paper works on it. All in japanese. Its also weird that it has one game manual on it. (the green one)Its a super masters game manual.

The unit, controller and hook ups are in a mint condition. The styro has bits of chips and scratches though.But the protection it serves is still there.

The unit is scratch-less. Mint condition.

The original and stock controller. I have yet to find the same stock controller so i can play 2 player games with a buddy.

talking about hook ups, its not different from your usual game console, so, it wont give you any hassle and fuss. The usual power supply with the common voltage requirements of 10v 850ma. The AV out is easy, uses that 5 pin AV cable that you can directly plug into your TV. Plug and play! easy but classy gaming.

This definitely is one of the sought after old gaming goodies. Why? because it is really entertaining and the game play is cool. The game library for this retro game console is huge also.If you get a chance to grab one of this, please do so.

BANG ! BANG ! BANG ! a super double down score. Konami Lethal Enforcers guns for Superfamicom :

Neat, fun! and retro . Those are the three things that i can describe my new find.

Just recently i visited a surplus shop locally, which i happen to have visited already once but, that was hell of a long time. There are hardly gaming stuff in that place, more so retro gaming consoles or items so, i visited the shop not for retro gaming related items but, for some other possible cool stuff that i might see.

Until i found 2 nice boxes lined up among the shelves. (I did not bring any camera with me at that time but i wish i did)

Yes, they are virtual arcade goodness. They are the kind of stuff that can bring you back to your childhood arcade memories and the luxury of playing it in the comforts of home. Most importantly , they are guns!!

Konami released, these arcade guns are for the game "lethal enforcers" which was also made by the same gaming company. Konami Lethal Enforcers gun for Superfamicom folks

I've always wanted to gather this kinds of stuff for enjoyment. Definitely fun to play with friends on a Saturday night with some booze.

When i got a hand on the two boxes, i was like, what the heck? they look like the same Superfamicom gun to me but they have different box design. As i inspect and look, i realized that they actually go together because they are for 1st and 2nd player respectively. So, it was a lucky day to actually find two guns that works one for the other. I could have found just one gun or two but for the same player.

This first box (which is in a great shape, mint) is for the first player. The writings on the box is pure Japanese so i was not able to read but i noticed the sign on the box that says "1".

When i opened the box, i was really impressed that the stuff is in a very great shape and complete!

The manual was there and the game cartridge itself! Still in plastic and in a mint condish!

i was instantly mesmerized by the detail and the color of the gun! It actually looks like the ones that are used in the arcade.

When i opened the manual, of course the writing was in pure Japanese so everything from there was pure instinct i guess, at least not for this picture! I wish i know them.

The second box is impeccably mint than the first player box. It is like brand new, literally. Complete and still has that scent of factory in it, barely used i can say.

This was the mark that made me realize that they are indeed different and works with one another. It says 2p , The Justifier

It still has everything inside like the first box. Very neat.

The manual? or warranty card i guess.

And the Pink gun! Merely for your partners . Lol . The color is really stunning . It is very much of the same size, style, and craftsmanship of the first player gun.

This second player has that long RJ (phone line) jack

That connects to this 1st player port,beneath the handle, which has the cable that directly connects to the Superfamicom unit. It then transmits the signals to the first player and the first player to the unit itself to avoid signal jams presumably.

The cable of the 1st Player that connects directly to the Superfamicom unit.

Both units are in an unarguably great working and cosmetic condition. I don't know if they are hard to find or rare, and i don't care either .

These Superfamicom guns are surely enjoyable! Aside from the very detailed craftsmanship and catchy colors , it will surely pull me back in time. That time when arcades where just a hit!

I can remember me spending time just to finish that shooting game inside arcade shops that had huge cabs. Now, i can actually enjoy this at home!

That is definitely retro.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a bloody RED GAMEBOY . nintendo mean machine

Almost every kid in town during its time sure had or used a Nintendo Gameboy. Its popularity reached the market ceiling and peak at a time. Well,mainly because of its superb features specifically, its battery life.

Its one of those things that i always wanted but never worried and hustled to get immediately. Its one of the retro things that i easily did pass on whenever i saw one. To be honest, i had a mentality on getting a Nintendo Gameboy before i had this one. I said to myself, "i will never get myself a Gameboy unless it is on a very very cheap and steal price".

Some things really come when you expect them the least. So, this Nintendo Gameboy came.

Admittedly, i got this stuff pretty cheap! and when i buy something cheap, i mean cheap ! It is cheaper than other collectors definition of cheap.

Its not the Original release folks. This one is a re-issue.They had this things went around 1995 and the original Nintendo first releases were around 1989 which happen to be the grey colored Gameboy.

I had some few other things to go with it before i even had the unit.

I got this on a surplus shop . Its an official 1990 Konami Gameboy protector case. Its made in Japan so as expected, the quality is very nice. The rubber is still tight and the fitting is smooth. It also has a neck sling so you can bring it somewhere if you want to enjoy.

Plus, several games that i also got at a good price. I got quite a number without exerting effort yet to find, that actually tells me that Gameboy's popularity is massive and made Nintendo to produce huge amount of number because of the impeccable demand. Also, it made me realize that this machine really withstand and break the limits of durability. There are still allot of units that survived around.

Lucky, this unit had no problems. It did not have that common white line damage on LCD, knowing that that is the most common problem of Gameboy units aside from that lost or broken battery cover at the back =D

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 Ways / Tips to Avoid Over Spending on Video Gaming Collection

Resources are very crucial and it plays a huge factor for gamers to acquire new items to complete they're collection or to satisfy the gaming heap. Financial resources specifically. Most of the time, people over spend, we literally forget everything else when we see a glimpse of that video game stuff that we always wanted. Which is totally wrong. Buying must always be wise and budgeted. Having realized that, i formulated some guidelines / tips that can probably solve this reoccurring event. Let me share it and i hope you appreciate. I don't claim that things written here are right but, it definitely gave me a lift and worked for me.

1. Buy only the things you can

Many people tend to over do it. Collecting is not about owning everything in one click. Always bear in mind that collecting is just a part of your life and is not your life, you have to be practical and put into consideration many other needs before wants.

2. Do not be an impulsive buyer

Don't be too giddy on every stuff that looks flashy and nice. One way of risking a potential rare item is when you start to buy everything in front of you without looking at other options. Take time to survey which item really matters and learn to dig deeper into the rubbish, you might find a fortune beneath.

3. Choose the stuff that will make you feel contented

What is really important when spending on retro gaming collection is the satisfaction one could get at the end of the day. Ask yourself which one could really make you happy. Some just go for quantity, the nostalgia, the price or the age, but those are just factors, go for the one which you think deserves a space on your collection. Buying the wrong stuff will, for quite sometime, possibly make you feel spending on something that is not worth or in short over spending.

4. Set your budget limit

Though you may have a loose budget, or you are willing to spend for a certain item, it would be better if you would do your own research first regarding the current value and price of it. Limit yourself to a specific price range, say, how much you can go up or go down. Some sellers take advantage of collectors who seem very overwhelmed with the item and are very willing to take it right away. Everyone of us has this tendency, but come on, Rule #1 says you should only buy the things you can, so you might as well be a wise spender.

5. Buy stuff that has the potential to raise up value

There are scarce items and there are rare ones. There is a huge difference between the two. Point is, you just have to really spend on the rare ones. Rare retro games are fountainheads of gaming history. They tell a different story other than those which are usually parts of the history. These rare items has the most potential to raise up value. But first, you must really know first which ones are rare, and which ones are scarce. It takes a whole lot of reading and backtracking to determine which ones are really rare. You cannot just sit there, look at your gaming collection and call yourself a "retro gaming collector". Suit up. Know the facts.

6. Stuff that come in complete set are better than those of project

When you buy complete set of gaming stuff, you remove all the hassle and extra expense that will occur from buying a loose or project item. This saves you not only from the dilemma of finding parts to complete the set, but also from spending extra cash on extra controllers, power adapter or any other hook ups. Plus, in general, complete sets are way cheaper because they come in a packaged price.

Remember that in video gaming THERE IS A RESPONSIBILITY

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boxed! Sega V Saturn RG-JX2 . A cd based console beauty

The boxed is pretty beat up. The paper itself is not really thick like the other gaming console boxes. I don't know why but for some reason, this is relatively thin than any other that I've seen.

I did not buy an accessory or extra game for it yet. The stuff that came with it stayed with it also. The set was basically complete and with some extras i think.

So what you will see in the photos is the same stuff that i got it the first time about a year ago. Stored it in my box that i just cleaned and opened recently for booting purposes.

You can see everything lies just above and can be seen when you open the top cover of the box.

It came with 2 controllers ! at least i can play 2 player games immediately without the effort to find an extra controller. One controller has the Victor logo on it, so i am guessing that it came with the system and the previous owner just bought a second player controller to add up.

The step down adapter is generic i guess. It says, for PS, 3DO and etc. Consoles that are usually 110volts. If you don't mind me giving an info, general power outlet voltage her in the Philippines is 220v.

It also has this cartridge that i still don't know up to now )i better start researching and testing). It has actually a switch that has 6 options. You can swith on the choices 1 , Ram card, action replay, 4m direct memory , 5 and 6. I just indicated numbers on the other 3 because i cant understand an there is no written word for what use are they. I think this is an extra for i don't think that it is indeed a licensed release of Sega for this Victor Saturn.

The 4MB RAM card? Looks clean.

The Audio Video cable of course

and there is a free cd "Memorial selection". Don't know what it is for so.. again i need to do some reading i guess.

When you open the extra foam protection. You now see the console itself. Its gray with colorful button finish is really neat. You now have the Victor Saturn RG-JX2 model.

The Victor is commonly known as JVC. It has actually produced two version of the Saturn. The model one RG-JX1 which had black bottom and oval buttons and this model two RG-JX2 which had dark grey bottom and used only version 1.01 V-Saturn bios compared to 1.00 and 1.01 of the first version. They were produced 1994 an 1996 respectively.

This baby is in a very good shape. Works with no fuss during the first time i plugged it. It came with no games sure, but! When i opened the console and check out luckily there was one game on the disc player. Its a puzzle version of Street fighter.The name of the game is, "Puzzle Fighter 2", its an original copy so, i was cool to check it out an make sure the unit was on a 100% working condition.

And, it was. The controllers were sweet and responsive. Smooth loading and sound together with the picture quality. I dont know if this thing is modified or not,i will find out soon i guess. Well, I don't really collect Cd based consoles so upon knowing that this unit is sweet working just yesterday, It might not sit with me for long! =)

It was a great feeling to see those cute little characters show up again!