Monday, December 26, 2011

Bandai Datach Joint ROM system for Nintendo family computer

Nintendo family computer have always amazed me. Its capabilities are just amazing considering the level of video gaming technology during its era. So many licensed and third party accessories / peripherals were around and most of the times, i never knew existed until i actually get one.

Well, one of those things is this Nintendo Family Computer (famicom) Datach joint ROM system.

I am a die hard Famicom fan, really, but not in my general research of famicom add-ons i encountered this.

Its made by Bandai in 1992 and is an official part of the FF (famicom family) with the insignia.

It basically lets you play set of games that are in a different in form from that of the original famicom carts. Specially made games, there were 7 games released for this Datach add-on.

This game (dragon ball z) came along with the system so its not really rare or anything like that, I got the stuff loose (without box or anything) luckily this cartridge was still inserted on the ROM port. That gave me the luxury of at least testing it and at most using it for game play.

The other games were:

Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!
SD Gundam: Gundam Wars
Crayon Shin-Chan: Orato Poi Poi
Yū Yū Hakusho: Bakutō Ankoku Bujutsue
Battle Rush: Build Up Robot Tournament
J League: Super Top Players

The cartridges are small sized compared to original form of Nintendo Family Computer cartridges.

This ROM cartridge fits into the ROM port placed right at the back of the Datach joint ROM system. It too, like the famicom cart slot, has that left and right slant notch.

Fits really nice. I did not have any problems loading the game so, i think it is in a great condition. Loads up immediately.

Its different and not your usual add-on. The main feature of this system is its Card reading capability, where you need to slide in cards with bar codes (cards are packaged with the game cartridges). The cards then will generate the characters that are needed to play the games.

You need to swipe the thin cards in this thin space which is placed at the top.

Too bad i dont have any barcodes for my Dragonball Z game to generate characters, but upon research, it is still indeed possible to generate characters using barcodes from different stuff, its just that you need to do trial and error. Bar codes from cartons and other stuff. As long as it has barcode in it and can fit the slide card in port. (i need to cut many of those grocery items! )

The bottom part has that cartridge shape port that connects to the cartridge input port of the Family computer. Just like the Famicom disk system RAM

The Datach has that grayish US NES look and fits really well on the mothership Japanese Nintendo Family Computer. Very battleship or spaceship looking when you integrate both. Looks really nice!

Like those Japanese robot jets!I really like getting stuff like this! Brings my console collection into a different level. Nice to see them lying on each other, playable of course!

I'll post an update soon when i got to cut and produce characters from bar codes! I really am looking forward to that, you see i can load the game but still cant play it because i have no characters yet. I don't know yet if its possible to print bar codes in a paper and then place in a card board or something. I hope that a possibility!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

NEC pc engine super grafx 1989 BOXED!

Since its that time of the year. Holiday means free time. I got nothing to do really for the day so i decided to take a peek at my storage and open up some boxed stuff. I don't remember having a post anything about NEC products yet so i think this post is perfect !

Over my boxed stuff i chose to make a post of this 1989 NEC (Nippon Electric Company) pc engine super grafx (no typorgraphical error) its grafx

I got it with box ! Not in a very nice condition though, some wear and tear around it but, i don't really mind. Boxes and manuals are just bonus for me ! still lucky to have it in box

You see the box is pretty beat up. With sticky's around to save its state i guess. I hope the owner had some courtesy to use clear tape ha ha! but, the box itself is nicely built with cool grayish display

I remember opening it back then when i got it on a local surplus sale. Just getting a piece like this is cool, specially on a very decent price. I dont even want to elaborate on that part but, id just say its way cheaper than the ones posted for sale on the internet and expected price =) Upon opening, i saw this

It still had the paper works (related and some extra!) and a controller. That's the bonus which i was talking about. Very seldom i expect paper works really. Usually you just toss these kind of stuff because you are very excited to play the system. You did not buy the thing to read manuals right?

I am guessing this is the controller manual?

plus this long yellow paper with lists on Japanese characters so i cannot understand really.

Now the extras! I hope i could read Japanese. I was really curious about this paper and the writings and drawings, im very sentimental about these stuff so i didnt threw it away of course. Who knows, the original owner might, one day read and see this post =)

The paper is really old and looks nasty. I don't mind, really, it came with the system so, it stays! Its considered as a part of the history and experince. If anyone can translate the Japanese writings in there, pls. =)

The main console manual. In great shape i can say. When you browse the manual, its all in Japanese characters. No translation .

And! the main course, of course. The thing of beauty, i was stunned that it is in a very good shape. Mint! No bumps, scratches or whatever.

Looks like an army battle ship to me, has the though looks! The logo font reminds me of the G.I. Joe font. Too bad It didn't came with any game that's rightfully for it. No nothing , i wish it did so i can use and test it! Too bad up to now i don't have any Pc engine HU card yet to test my Pc engine stuff. Cant find time to look for one yet. One day!

This system did not really last long. Well, one factor is that the games made for this specific system were so short numbered and expensive although it can play PCE HuCards, PCE CDs, PCE Super CDs and PCE Arcade CDs those cannot really maximize this super grafx enhanced graphics.

You can notice the controller port at the right side.

The power supply port at the left side upper part of the console. This retro thing requires 9volts of power supply which is nice because i dont have to worry looking for some bizarre power supply requirements.

It has the technology to play disc games. If you happen to have or purchased the SuperGrafx with Super CD Rom 2. You can integrate it with here at the port somewhere on the top. It still has that cover.

The bottom part of the system is pretty simple but well built all in all. Quality materials used. Very usual of Japanese items.

It also came with a controller ! That's nice. No worries of trying to find for one. Physical aspect is great ( Excuse me for the still dirty stuff, i dont why but i seem to have forgotten cleaning it before storing)

It's one of those more comfortable controllers that i encountered. Very comfortable and playable. Plays better than those of other Japanese controllers. Its handy.

Looks really great with the console itself. Paired the colors and the built.

Hand held feauture IV : 1983 Nintendo game and watch Mario Brothers . a post for a cause

Beers and cheers are all over the world ! What can i say, everyone should be happy during this times,but, I am half of that state during the past few days, i celebrate and enjoy but unfortunate things are at the back of my mind.

Again, i tuned into the television this morning and still, the news is about the tragic flood that happened here in my country (Philippines) just few days before Christmas. More or less 1000 (yes , One thousand or more)died. All swept away by flood. Families, lives, home and everything instantly.

I don't know why but, when i got off to bed, i had this sad feeling about the very tragic event, its very unfortunate and disturbing. After i whispered my morning prayers for the victims, my eyes randomly passed a glance at my table and saw my cute little retro thing that's been with me for a sometime, i gave a stare to it and somehow reminded me more of the victims in the tragic event.

Kids, to be specific, i don't know the number but i am assuming that the most vulnerable, when tragedies strike are the young people.

I stared at my Mario brothers game and watch. I decided to, again, steal some of that holiday time and touch my computer's keyboard for a cause.

Two little drawings at the front cover (Mario and Luigi) and the word "MARIO BROS". One wearing a very colorful red suit and green (colors of Christmas) . Very kid looking and seems like they are playing.

My imaginative mind created images and flashes, i cant help it, bad feeling strikes.

Its heartbreaking to think that the youngsters who were casualties in that unlikely event cannot play and be a kid anymore. It ended so fast.

oh... Before i become too emotional, I want to dedicate this post to them ! for all of the victims. I hope that if you are reading this, wherever you are,may you utter a very very short prayer for all of them. =) Hoping that this short little post of mine helps. Spread out the word, retro gaming is not always about the games , we also make ways to help.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

3/3 TOMY collection series : 1978 TOMY Digital derby

Okay. Happy holidays to every one ! Its that time of the year again! Honestly, i am too busy attending parties and family gatherings but i felt guilty for not completing the 3 part TOMY goodness series so, here i am stealing some of the very precious holiday time to update my gaming blog! (true)

Anyway, here is my retro game 1978 Tomy digital derby (auto raceway) being said that, i am kind off busy, i haven't had that time really to clean it up , so please excuse me for the still dirty stuff

Again! The very nice control panel ! This time, since this unit is about a car racing game, it gives you that pleasure of a "car driver's seat" look.

You got there a very nicely done small but very realistic looking steering wheel . Not a typical steering wheel , but a racing type !

With the speed gauges over the dashboard, the lap counter is at the bottom left which serves as your lap and score also.

Very cool, it lets you drives faster with the shift gears 1 2 3 and neutral so you can stop for a while and avoid car crash!

Really reminds me of the famicom game "Road fighter" Almost the same gameplay really , Time bound ,

slows when you bump the cars but , you don't have to get any gas cars though and you cant let superman fly even getting it perfect =D

Monday, December 19, 2011

2/3 TOMY collection series : 1979 TOMY Hit and Missle

Alright. This is the second part of my 3 part edition TOMY goodness.

This version is the TOMY Hit and Missile, released in 1979 and is a sure thing of beauty. Way before the advent of missile shooting games in digital handhelds, this came in a quite eccentric interface and way of playing.

Like the other part of the collection, it looks very futuristic. It somehow resembles an army sort of looks, with gauges and altitude numbers on the screen. Overall, the look resembles a control board in a military aircraft.

The screen is very nice! Round shaped and is in almost mint condition.

Seems to portray a jet plane or radar of a plane, with coordinates looking lines and numbers!

The bottom part is artistically done. Seems like a plane control board with the buttons and some fake screw shapes. The two primary switches used for attacking is the fire button and the missile control valve which controls the attacking. Both are logically placed for grip and easier device for the left and right hand.

Same with the other TOMY units, it has the timer that can be set to start and finish the game. As usual, the thing would also be noisy due to the mechanical rolling of the films by small motors inside. The goal is to, well, hit the target with a missile by manipulating the control valve and fire button.

I'd say it became famous, as it was released as Missile Strike and Terra Hit in United Kingdom and Space Attack in Japan.

The gears on the score misses at times, I think I need to open up and refurbish the gears inside, doesn't rotate at times but i think it is fixable. Just stuck up due to dirt or dust.

Due to the creative placement of buttons, the unit is bulky but is very handy and playable. Push fire button makes it easier for some rapid gaming action.

Did not came with any manual or other paper works so the instructions at the back is very helpful! All three of the TOMY collection has this very helpful instructions placed at the back. The manufacturers did a great job there, in case of lost manual and stuff.

Heavy duty gear needs heavy duty batteries. Requires 2 "C" batteries also.

This unit came along with the two other TOMY units, I bought the lot to an old collector who sold (almost) all his collections way back, about 4 years or so.

Among the 3 TOMY collection I have, this is the only one that I got with box. The box is very cool and retro. I'm just unfortunate that it's not in a good condition (but at least)