Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back with a revenge !

Hi guys. It's been a while, hope i did not miss anything as i am back with revenge ! Hoping to continue this writing quest as i still continue to grow my collection . Hoping to still see you visit my next posts !

NINTENDO Gameboy castlevania 2 belmont's revenge (on photo)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Atari 2600 Family

Its one of those things that i really want to collect all time. Atari 2600.Yes! The mean machine, top of the line during the old times, I think 2600's are very collectible because of the impact and popularity it gave during its time, that was the time when video gaming was really a heap.The video gaming was the in's and out's i think during those times. It was the upper epsilon of video gaming to say so, its so good that almost every other kid in the block would cry hours just to have it.

Its that type of stuff that instantly pops up to ones mind when "vintage/retro video game" is on topic.The gaming scene was everywhere and this a talk about thing.

My Atari 2600 venture went really a step by step process as it progressed,and still progresses, (i think) from my least wanted to almost my best wanted 2600 line of Atari game console.

Initially, what i got was the Vader model. I think everybody is familiar with this black theme console which was related to "darth vader" (star wars). Not really different from any of the Atari 2600's technically , its just that this one is colored black overall. I got it with a Star wars game cartridge ( the only game it had). Why? because it actually came from a star wars fanatic and it was a peanut from his peanut farm of awesome star wars collection.

I was very happy to have it back then but ,time went on and i thought i wanted a 2600 that can be an eye candy also, so i wanted more, like, the atari 2600 wood type , at this point i had ideas about the 6 switch 2600's but i thought it'd be a long shot so ill take any wood type 2600 that ill see.Its just that it is so neat and very retro looking that i wanted one to play and display.

So upon my waiting, one of my friends told me that a local guy(Pinoy) posted a reply on a forum (forum about random vintage stuff) that he found his old Atari eating dusts with some games but was not sure if the thing was working or what.Had no power supply for it so he was actually willing to put it on sale,as in low sale.

I got interested so i visited the forums saw some photos and verified that it is indeed an original Atari woody 4 switch. Lucky enough, the guy was online and i sent a private message immediately. I was asking if he was interested to sell it.

and then the 2600 4 switch came, to cut the story short. Then this 6 switch and i am hoping for the main machine next time! 2600 heavy sixer! I can consider parting with my other 2600 when that time comes.Don't misunderstand me i really like them, allot, but its just not possible that i keep all. I just don't have that luxury of space sorry.

Anyway, the babies are in a great shape really. Logo's are intact, no signs of fading yet as well as the other paints on them. I, almost all the time, want to gather working stuff. I play with them from time to time so i wanted to get the working ones. So they are pretty much playable with quite a number of good games.

I have other atari 2600 stuff that i wasn't able to include in the photos (because i forgot i have kept some carts and other things on a different shelf) , maybe i can tag them along next time, i also have happen to sell one of my 4 switch wood type units to a friend because i just don't have a use for it anymore as i have another. I'm not a greedy person you know. It went along with some really good games so, its hard but the thing needed to go. I am confident that that thing will be taken good care of anyway.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Famicom weird game !

Anybody has an idea what game is this? I got it a local surplus shop. The price is really cheap so did not hesitate to get it although i have no idea what the game was. Never seen!

Really have no idea what game is this. Its like a rpg game when i tried to play it (the game is obviously in pure Japanese so i did not stand for long) Like those family oriented tv series in Japan where they usually have the Grandmother and the whole family in one house(Oh yeah i see it during the very long intro)

The game is pretty beat up but physically, works perfectly. I thought it was some kind of a game for the Famicom Karaoke or something because the art cover seems like they were holding a mic and singing, but it turned out that it wasn't.

If anybody can help me find some info's ill be glad. For now, enjoy some photos !

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NEO GEO goodness!

Its been a while since i listed something ! Its a big comeback with these NEO GEO pocket awesomeness! I got this two babies separately , well, two of my favorite handheld devices!

NEO GEO pocket folks. NEO GEO Pocket color that is! Like the Gameboy color and the likes! NEO GEO pocket color is a sequel to the first gen black and white display.

SNK stuff are always expected to be though and a step ahead when it comes to video gaming although it did not pretty much depict that here because of the graphics extent.But, the thing is great! It is playable though it does not have that huge number games because of lacking communication between the company and 3rd party developers.

Although it is the last line among those SNK Neo geo products it still grabbed a pretty good market and sold around 2million units including regular pockets(according to WIKI)

Don't have much games for it yet,Just 4.

King of fighters R2

The very remarkable Sonic the hedgehog pocket adventures. My current favorite game , Metal slug 2nd mission

and Puzzle bubble mini !

Well one that pisses me off really is that you cant play it during nights or without external lighting, unlike the Sega Gamegear. But, it is actually one of those stuff that you can bring along when you are on a long travel or something. Very handy and the game cartridges are not really bulky, you can bring the thing with 2 to 4 games easy without hassle!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Notice any difference on these NEC PC ENGINE units? I know the other one is not pleasing to the eyes because its still dirty yet but no, that's not the difference.

I think I am lucky to have them both. Nope i am not a hoarder as I've said repeatedly on my previous posts. I'm not the type who gains happiness via getting double stuff.I'm lucky and glad because they are actually different.

Okay.First, this one (the clean one) is actually a stock / UN-modded PC engine.

You see its very neat.Common and nice like any other units.

While the other one(the still dirty unit) is actually a Modded unit.

Both PC ENGINE 's have been sitting in my place for quite a time, and i did not even notice about the modification for quite sometime HA HA. I just noticed lately when i decided to play with the thing.I usually am using the clean unit. I finally decided to test the other unit (i was actually thinking of selling it that's why i tested it) PAL like signs came up when i actually used it. The buzzing sound was there and the Static screen kept on going. Also noticed that the RF channel switch is not present (like my HK Famicom). So, that's actually the time i decided to open up the thing and investigate.

Just to be clear,i don't know if this is a licensed PAL modification of NEC(if there are actually any) or a home modification by someone, who definitely made a good job.

(with switch)

(w/out switch)

I read few articles about PAL PC engine issues over the internet and the way i understood it, NEC's official stand sometime back then, that they explicitly announced over ads and papers, was, they did not release any official PAL PC Engine units and that the ones who were roaming around were unofficial and out of their liability.

To contradict, some people had theories that NEC people had actually made initial PAL versions of PC engine for release but for some reason did not officially sell them but these still were actually distributed in Europe (unofficially) thru small merchants and not NEC itself just to clear out the stocks of initial productions.

(PAL PC Engine extra modification board)

That's just the way i understood forum topics and stuff over the internet folks. I do not claim any right that this statements, theories and ideas are true or incorrect in any matter.

PC engine stuff are quite a goodie. One very nice aspect of this stuff that i liked is that, its very compact as well as the games (HuCards). Very thin,just like baseball cards or something.

If in case anybody would like to request for more clearer board photos for reference, just send me a comment for request and your e-mail address. Thanks!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Looks like a Starwars stuff or a battle ship to me, this SEGA MEGA DISK. I am pretty much sure that this thing is not a licensed SEGA Peripheral. The manufacturer is Sane Ting Co. as its indicated at the bottom part.

Basically this stuff is used to,in a good word "copy" ROM Games to floppy disks or floppy disk write games to empty floppy disks, and of course you can use it to play those copied games via floppy disk.In short, produces repro's , copies or whatever you may call it. ER , I don't even want to talk about PIRACY =/

I Have seen stuff like it before but this particular model seems to fit MODEL 1 units because of its circular hole shape at the bottom.

The thing is huge and bulky so it covers almost 80% of the Megadrive when you place it for use.



The cartridge port is located at the right top part of the unit.

The machine is working when i plugged it. The screen showed that it is indeed booting but, i don't have floppy disks with me yet to try and write some games.

I don't really think floppy disks are that reliable though specially when it comes to durability. Of course , unlike your game cartridges that can last really long and withstand impact, heat and etc, i think floppy drives are very sensitive. "FLOP"? but, definitely way way cheaper than the original cartridges.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEO GEO MVS Metal slug 2

Busy days are over and here i am mates! My last post was about a week or more so its really nice to get back on track.

I, at times encounter consoles of different sizes, shapes and built. They can even be weird and out of the normal shape but, not did i encounter a cartridge this huge.

It's a NEO GEO MVS game.I'll be honest, i did not have any knowledge on Neo geo MVS specifically or any NEO GEO SNK products during the time i got this stuff, so i was pretty startled of its size.

Yes, its almost of the same size as the Nintendo's AV Famicom.

Or close to a commercially popular earphone box. It is indeed fairly large and bulky compared to other cartridges i realized.

This game is the famous metal slug sequel , Metal slug 2. A more graphically nice update of the first release which was a hit,just to mention.

Later on, for a 362 Mbit cartridge , i understood that it is not surprising how huge it is and the other MVS cartridges.Probably, they needed this huge boards to store more memory or something, because at its time, this games really took a quantum leap when it comes to video gaming technology.

It even have vents on it, because this cartridge would usually sit inside a arcade machine cabinet , unlike the home version AES which is comfortably placed at houses.
They also have 4 screws just right above that are easily accessible, for maintenance purposes is guess.

It is also noticeable that unlike usual cartridges, it does have 2 boards inside that inserts simultaneously to the console.

It may be a long shot but i am really dreaming to play this game and actually own a mvs arcade system, or even just an adapter with an aes system someday. Yea, i know , i know, its a dream worth big bucks =D . It is fine , as to dream is FREE. =D Who knows.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

HOW DO YOU ENJOY RETRO GAMING? and some weekend mess on a LAZY SUNDAY

No. I will not discuss about nudity or some adult material folks =). It's just one of those Saturday night afters again.

Just a piece of sentiment. . . from a retro gaming collector

after some booze last night.I just woke up and...

One of the very fulfilling moments of my retro video gaming adventure is when i spend my weekends or free nights with my gangsters with some booze while playing games with my ADULT machines, my retro gaming gizmos i meant.

I don't know how other people enjoy the same retro gaming collection but i just hate the one's who get the enjoyment by bragging about the stuff they have and act like they know everything about it.

Unlike other collectors, or hoarders? i don't really care and envy other people's collection,all that matters for me is that i do enjoy what i have together with all the adventure, memories and thrill that came along, the "bragging rights" issue is just second thereof.

I just don't see much of a sense out of it,i meant, if you brag to "brag". I do brag about some of my stuff(not so many stuff that i can brag about actually) but,i do it on the purpose of joking, always,and not because i want to brag and dismay or disgrace someone. I don't like it when someone actually acts like he is superior or something.

for me it all boils down to whenever you actually enjoy them.Or not.

To those who enjoy bragging .Go on.. eat my pants!

Monday, February 13, 2012

An addition to my SEGA GAME GEAR collection

Game gear games and the Unit itself are unarguably collectible,that's at least for me.I don't have this "too much passion" thing for handhelds compared to consoles but, i like game gear.

Although, i think they are the kind of stuff that should be handed that extra TLC. I don't know if anyone would agree with that but,in fact, I have encountered so many broken Sega game gear units over time.LCD failure, power supply power trip, sound problems and so many other problems. Allot of them are lying around but broken.I think i can attest to that,

Yes, i own three Sega Game gears and two of them are broken.

Despite all that Sega game gear is the thing for me still, because i think it is very playable and enjoyable. Its not the type of handheld that you just want to turn off immediately after few minutes because of the game discomfort.The games are quite amusing i can say, just like a small version of your Sega Master system.

But what i like about it the most is that, it has this TV like lcd that emits light ,this then lets you play it even without a sunlight unlike your 1st gen Nintendo Gameboy(unless you have the gameboy light on it)ironically,that feature probably also gave the game gear its main fall backs such as the battery and LCD failure issues.

Back to the games, I have now a total of 20 nice games without the doubles.Pretty decent number i guess, can enjoy several games now.Plus that 1 pirate cartridge that says 73 in 1!

Among the new purchases, i immediately liked this NBA JAM game. Aside from the fact that its my favorite game when i was a kid, the graphics is neat too.(excuse me for the "not so presentable" cosmetic condition) ha ha

This wonder boy is a version of Famicom's adventure island if I am not mistaken. Game play is pretty much like it. The main character looks a bit different though .

As i also mentioned in my previous post regarding my current sega game gear collection that i really like the art work within its cartridges. I'm very appreciative of old shiz's such as this.

One of the great games among the set so far is this PSYCHIC WORLD. Very nice adventure game.Not to mention about a guys passion about the opposite (we don't see a girl as the lead character right?) =D

I purchased the set for quite a good price. Bulk,that is. So, again with that type of purchase doubles are a thing to watch out. Well, when we talk about SEGA, that double most likely will be the infamous SONIC the hedgehog, mainly because of its virtual battle with Nintendo's MARIO. LOL