Monday, December 19, 2011

2/3 TOMY collection series : 1979 TOMY Hit and Missle

Alright. This is the second part of my 3 part edition TOMY goodness.

This version is the TOMY Hit and Missile, released in 1979 and is a sure thing of beauty. Way before the advent of missile shooting games in digital handhelds, this came in a quite eccentric interface and way of playing.

Like the other part of the collection, it looks very futuristic. It somehow resembles an army sort of looks, with gauges and altitude numbers on the screen. Overall, the look resembles a control board in a military aircraft.

The screen is very nice! Round shaped and is in almost mint condition.

Seems to portray a jet plane or radar of a plane, with coordinates looking lines and numbers!

The bottom part is artistically done. Seems like a plane control board with the buttons and some fake screw shapes. The two primary switches used for attacking is the fire button and the missile control valve which controls the attacking. Both are logically placed for grip and easier device for the left and right hand.

Same with the other TOMY units, it has the timer that can be set to start and finish the game. As usual, the thing would also be noisy due to the mechanical rolling of the films by small motors inside. The goal is to, well, hit the target with a missile by manipulating the control valve and fire button.

I'd say it became famous, as it was released as Missile Strike and Terra Hit in United Kingdom and Space Attack in Japan.

The gears on the score misses at times, I think I need to open up and refurbish the gears inside, doesn't rotate at times but i think it is fixable. Just stuck up due to dirt or dust.

Due to the creative placement of buttons, the unit is bulky but is very handy and playable. Push fire button makes it easier for some rapid gaming action.

Did not came with any manual or other paper works so the instructions at the back is very helpful! All three of the TOMY collection has this very helpful instructions placed at the back. The manufacturers did a great job there, in case of lost manual and stuff.

Heavy duty gear needs heavy duty batteries. Requires 2 "C" batteries also.

This unit came along with the two other TOMY units, I bought the lot to an old collector who sold (almost) all his collections way back, about 4 years or so.

Among the 3 TOMY collection I have, this is the only one that I got with box. The box is very cool and retro. I'm just unfortunate that it's not in a good condition (but at least)

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