Monday, December 5, 2011

Nintendo Entertainment System accessory & peripheral FLASHBACK I : 1990 NES Four Score

NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is the American version of the Japanese Famicom (Nintendo Family Computer). It has many accessories and peripherals, both made by Nintendo or a third party developer. I don't have many of them but i have a few. One of them is ,

The NES four score. This is an original release of Nintendo back in 1990.

It is basically an accessory that allows you to play you 4 players on supported games. This then becomes more enjoyable for group games.

Really fun accessory, specially for me who loves to play and enjoy my retro games with friends during weekend hangouts. It is easy to run. You just plug it into the NES console with the two headed plug head . Looks like a wall socket to me =)

and then plug NES controllers in the 4 ports of the four score

Whats great about this stuff is, you can actually choose between 2 or 4 player use so you dont need to plug and unplug over and over again.

It also has that function of TURBO either button A or B. You can determine if the turbo button function is on by noticing the button itself. It is activated when it is pushed down. (in this photo, button B is on Turbo mode)

Very useful!it has a pretty decent length of cable so it can also serve as an extension.

Just like the other stuff Nintendo releases ,no fancy colors and etc. just the gray and dirty white and red text.

It really fits well because of the slanting ports and a nice flat with rubber bottoms.

Of course i have to enjoy this stuff too! Like just any other that i get. Luckily i found a game (over my very small NES game collection) that i can have a use for it!

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