Sunday, December 25, 2011

NEC pc engine super grafx 1989 BOXED!

Since its that time of the year. Holiday means free time. I got nothing to do really for the day so i decided to take a peek at my storage and open up some boxed stuff. I don't remember having a post anything about NEC products yet so i think this post is perfect !

Over my boxed stuff i chose to make a post of this 1989 NEC (Nippon Electric Company) pc engine super grafx (no typorgraphical error) its grafx

I got it with box ! Not in a very nice condition though, some wear and tear around it but, i don't really mind. Boxes and manuals are just bonus for me ! still lucky to have it in box

You see the box is pretty beat up. With sticky's around to save its state i guess. I hope the owner had some courtesy to use clear tape ha ha! but, the box itself is nicely built with cool grayish display

I remember opening it back then when i got it on a local surplus sale. Just getting a piece like this is cool, specially on a very decent price. I dont even want to elaborate on that part but, id just say its way cheaper than the ones posted for sale on the internet and expected price =) Upon opening, i saw this

It still had the paper works (related and some extra!) and a controller. That's the bonus which i was talking about. Very seldom i expect paper works really. Usually you just toss these kind of stuff because you are very excited to play the system. You did not buy the thing to read manuals right?

I am guessing this is the controller manual?

plus this long yellow paper with lists on Japanese characters so i cannot understand really.

Now the extras! I hope i could read Japanese. I was really curious about this paper and the writings and drawings, im very sentimental about these stuff so i didnt threw it away of course. Who knows, the original owner might, one day read and see this post =)

The paper is really old and looks nasty. I don't mind, really, it came with the system so, it stays! Its considered as a part of the history and experince. If anyone can translate the Japanese writings in there, pls. =)

The main console manual. In great shape i can say. When you browse the manual, its all in Japanese characters. No translation .

And! the main course, of course. The thing of beauty, i was stunned that it is in a very good shape. Mint! No bumps, scratches or whatever.

Looks like an army battle ship to me, has the though looks! The logo font reminds me of the G.I. Joe font. Too bad It didn't came with any game that's rightfully for it. No nothing , i wish it did so i can use and test it! Too bad up to now i don't have any Pc engine HU card yet to test my Pc engine stuff. Cant find time to look for one yet. One day!

This system did not really last long. Well, one factor is that the games made for this specific system were so short numbered and expensive although it can play PCE HuCards, PCE CDs, PCE Super CDs and PCE Arcade CDs those cannot really maximize this super grafx enhanced graphics.

You can notice the controller port at the right side.

The power supply port at the left side upper part of the console. This retro thing requires 9volts of power supply which is nice because i dont have to worry looking for some bizarre power supply requirements.

It has the technology to play disc games. If you happen to have or purchased the SuperGrafx with Super CD Rom 2. You can integrate it with here at the port somewhere on the top. It still has that cover.

The bottom part of the system is pretty simple but well built all in all. Quality materials used. Very usual of Japanese items.

It also came with a controller ! That's nice. No worries of trying to find for one. Physical aspect is great ( Excuse me for the still dirty stuff, i dont why but i seem to have forgotten cleaning it before storing)

It's one of those more comfortable controllers that i encountered. Very comfortable and playable. Plays better than those of other Japanese controllers. Its handy.

Looks really great with the console itself. Paired the colors and the built.


  1. Nice looking system. ;)

    But do you get to play any games on it?

    1. yea sure. but, i dont have dedicated games for it yet =/

  2. I really tried to translate this, but I think that it's just and writting excercise, maybe its former owner wasn't jappanese and was trying to learn or I dont' know... へかごたそぶぺねぱう

    1. maybe =D hope someone can shed us some wisdom

  3. I won't to buy it