Saturday, December 17, 2011

1/3 TOMY collection series : 1980 TOMY Digital Daredevil

Alright. This post will be a part of a 3 series of TOMY goodness which has a little obscurity of old school video gaming.

Ive seen quite a few weird video game stuff but a video game which runs via dynamo , film and lots of gears? electro-mechanical? I should have known! =D

Ladies and gents my first of the three part collection, a 1980 Tomy Digital Daredevil.

A very futuristic looking retro gaming piece. Can really compare it to brand new toys when it comes to looks and style.

When i got this stuff i was really amused and at the same time confused. The question that popped my mind was "how the the hell does this thing work?" (in the first place i should have thought that it might not be working anymore ha ha)

As i checked the battery compartment , it requires a "C" battery, so its a bit bizarre for me , i never saw like this one before so i was really curious to test it out immediately.

There are gauges all around this bulky unit.

There is a gauge which says "TIMER" . I actually discovered that you need to turn this to the "s" mark which represents start then turns slowly while game play is on up to the part that says "f" which represents finish. (this feature is found on every unit of this 3 part TOMY collection)

When i fired the thing up, It was loud! Nope, it doesn't have speakers or sound from the game it self, it was noisy because the gears started rolling. You can literally hear the gears functioning in the machine.

This unit really is in a good cosmetic condition . Very minty looking all over (almost) aside from this noticeable sort of scratch.

Ugh. Yea, bit frustrating to see this! its light but the material used in the screen was like semi glass plastic that scratches are really seen.

The game instruction can be seen at the back

In this particular unit, Digital daredevil, your character is a guy on a motorcycle which jumps on obstacles lik car's , drum's and etc. I guess it was sort of the motorcycle stunt-riders Evil Knievel & Ernie Devlin madness at the time.

You can also shift gears! It does go berzerk and really fast when in high speed. It is needed to go pass long barriers.

Screen flashes red lights whenever you miss a jump or hit and obstacle. (ill post a video of the actual game play soon)

If you get bored already , you can adjust the difficulty level at the right side of the unit.

Its very enjoyable to play. I just wished it had a longer or other sets of film rolls to go with =D


  1. I remember I got it as a christmas gift from my grandparents back in 1981 and thought it was lost through all these years. But yesterday my father came to visit us, handed it over to me and told me that he just found it on the attic somewhere between old books and Lego, so I felt again like the twelve year old boy on that christmas evening!

  2. @Falcon

    Nice! Those are the kind of stuff that you treasure! is it still working? O that feeling!

  3. Yes, it still works. Not in a perfect mint condition (the display has some minor scratches), but still looking very good.
    I think I will give it a place of honor in my collection - after all it was the machine all started with...

  4. it must indeed have that special space man !