Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hand held feauture IV : 1983 Nintendo game and watch Mario Brothers . a post for a cause

Beers and cheers are all over the world ! What can i say, everyone should be happy during this times,but, I am half of that state during the past few days, i celebrate and enjoy but unfortunate things are at the back of my mind.

Again, i tuned into the television this morning and still, the news is about the tragic flood that happened here in my country (Philippines) just few days before Christmas. More or less 1000 (yes , One thousand or more)died. All swept away by flood. Families, lives, home and everything instantly.

I don't know why but, when i got off to bed, i had this sad feeling about the very tragic event, its very unfortunate and disturbing. After i whispered my morning prayers for the victims, my eyes randomly passed a glance at my table and saw my cute little retro thing that's been with me for a sometime, i gave a stare to it and somehow reminded me more of the victims in the tragic event.

Kids, to be specific, i don't know the number but i am assuming that the most vulnerable, when tragedies strike are the young people.

I stared at my Mario brothers game and watch. I decided to, again, steal some of that holiday time and touch my computer's keyboard for a cause.

Two little drawings at the front cover (Mario and Luigi) and the word "MARIO BROS". One wearing a very colorful red suit and green (colors of Christmas) . Very kid looking and seems like they are playing.

My imaginative mind created images and flashes, i cant help it, bad feeling strikes.

Its heartbreaking to think that the youngsters who were casualties in that unlikely event cannot play and be a kid anymore. It ended so fast.

oh... Before i become too emotional, I want to dedicate this post to them ! for all of the victims. I hope that if you are reading this, wherever you are,may you utter a very very short prayer for all of them. =) Hoping that this short little post of mine helps. Spread out the word, retro gaming is not always about the games , we also make ways to help.