Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hand held feauture II : 1982 Bandai electronics LCD solar power AKURYO NO YAKATA (terror house)

This is the second edition of my hand held feature. If you want to see my first edition, you can just click here

Since i am not really a fan and an avid collector of hand held retro gaming stuff, i treat every hand held that i have bit different. But not to be mistaken, i really appreciate them also. Just like any retro gaming stuff.

This small pieces always seem to come ahead of the time. Like this Bandai Electronics LCD solar power . (i haven't cleaned it yet so sorry for the photos)

The embossed style, for a random reason, reminds me of the famicom disk system.

It is a very interesting retro hand held. Imagine 1982 and you have a hand held with full LCD graphic game, powered by SOLAR energy. That is definitely an innovation to hand held gaming! Cant imagine PSP's powered by this =D

Yes! No batteries needed!

When you open the unit. From a dirty white purity, this thing will shock you with a very bright RED inside.

Its pretty much close to a Nintendo game and watch i guess . Just doesn't have the acetate which showed permanent artwork which is included in the game. With this, Everything pops up when the unit accepts bit of solar energy.Its Like your dual screen Game and watch just the Solar panel on the other screen.

There are 2 series that came out in this LCD SOLAR POWER, 1st series included 6 game variations and the 2nd series (which had 2 LCD panels for an intended 3D effect) included 4 game variations. My LCD solar power titled " AKURYO NO YAKATA" or terror house, is included in the second series and is pretty much famous compared to other games.

The game as far as i know has 2 levels, It runs on a story of a kid/guy who fights bats, ghosts , zombies and etc on a haunted house like setting. Nice and detailed graphics i can say that.

I really think what made it so cool and stand out was the SOLAR ENERGY feature. Very environmental friendly and saves you allot of money! from batteries and hey! It doesn't actually need allot of sunlight to power it up just a well light space and it will turn on.

Very Nice 4 way direction Joystick! Up, Left, Right, Down buttons. Has the Start/Attack , Select, ACL, and interestingly sound on/off button!

sound is quite impressive i can say ! it is loud! plus you have the option of putting it off.

Durability is Top notch i can say. Its beat up and really nasty outside but when i got to it and placed it under a good sunlight, the thing just fired up ! and the LCD showed very clear and detailed graphics with no lines and dings!


  1. Awesome! I love that kinda retro stuff. I've never seen this before, good find ;)

    Thanks for the follow! I'll be sure to check out this blog regularly.

  2. Thanks so much Oliver. Yes it is pretty much a great stuff. Not many of them really nowadays, they easily break when not in use because of the solar panels =)

    Your welcome. Ill sure check out yours too.

  3. i have one these in european version, is there anyone who knows what it is worth?

    1. no idea of what its worth sir. I guess depends on how much the buyer wants to pay for it =)