Monday, December 12, 2011

"I am programmed to beat you" . - 1977 Milton Bradley Comp IV / 4

the 7's always bring a smile on me, specially when we talk about the years.70's in particular. 70's where the hippies and gizmos where not even half pop yet. Those were some of the years you pertain when you say "back in the days". I wasn't around that time yet but, when i picture the nostalgic events from stories of people i meet, i think 70's was really one of a kind experience and enjoyment.

Bright lights and flashy colors, and now considered obscure, video games were around and very much alive. Back then, table tops are one of those flashy things that you can have and brag about, and i think this 70's baby is one of them.


The dust of time !

Its a retro 1977 Milton Bradley comp 4 (IV) . Its a sequencing game that looks really vintage. The design and craftsmanship is very 70's . Typical table top design powered by very bright led lights.

Artistically designed curves and buttons. Quality materials as expected i can say.

The game is played like this, computer chooses a random number sequence and you will try to guess that combination. You try to enter the combination as few tries as possible. To increase difficulty or level the combination can go up to 3, 4, or 5

Played by calculator like number pad

We may find it really boring compared to other video games really. but i think it was hell of a fun "back in the days". Now it lacks the action, graphic content and sound that we all look for =D

Like the game itself. The inside is very simple and all quality. Of course i gave the same treatment . cleaning treatment.

Disassembled it first

Powered by bright LED lights on the main board!


Drying .......

re-assembly ....


Cleaned the number pads a bit

The screen

The cleaned Milton Bradley Comp IV (ready to play!) yes it works perfect !

I also researched that there were other country releases of this game. Logic 5 in U.K. and Pythaugoras in Japan by Takara. Was re-released in 80's with an additional blue shade color on the screen.

*By the way the quote "I am programmed to beat you" was the comp IV's promotional phrase being it a sort of computer video game back then. It was printed huge in front of the box. NICE !!!

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