Sunday, December 4, 2011

An addition to my Virtual Boy Family. 3 Virtual boy games from a " JAPINOY"

so there is, sir Roel.

Just recently,(about a week or so) i got a 3 game lot for my Nintendo Virtual Boy. 3 Japanese games which are in general, being a virtual boy game, pretty much hard to find.

In search for this, it got me to a person who spent some time in japan, of course , like a typical Pinoy (Filipino) not because he wanted to, but for the fortune. Money. Future of family.

I really admire people who can hack the homesickness. Being away from family and friends with my own motherland is just not my strength, specially for the reason of gaining some wealth. I think that is the hardest part of working abroad, harder than the job itself.

Philippines most exported product is MANPOWER so, most likely we have allot of people working abroad.


The man spent most of his youth working in Japan as he told me, Its not really a new story for me for i have met allot of Pinoys with the same story. Just different because i met him because of "retro gaming" reason.


That's just how it goes for most of us here in the Philippines. We love our families that much that we do sacrifices. Japan is a neighbor country with good opportunity as long as you are hardworking. So many of us end up being there.


JAP (Japan)- PINOY (Filipino) "JAPINOY" - a pinoy who is/or working in Japan which most likely embraced the culture or spent allot of his time there that he/she acquired several Japanese traits. Half Japanese Half Filipino. ( You cant see that on WIKI e? ) that's my own definition by the way.

Anyway, he shared some stories of course , he told me that he really admired Japanese video games and other stuff because they always come in quality. So he ended up collecting such back in the days. I assumed that it might have been his comfort zone in times of the homesickness battles he surely had, being a youngster in the foreign land.

That is why im not an Ebay type of purchase person, I love meeting people, i love hearing stories, i really value them because for me , personal stories that come with every retro gaming stuff i collect , is one of the core essence of why i collect them. You cant just get that off on Ebay do you?


  1. That's a nice way of putting it, like there's always a story behind your games. Nice find, Virtual Boy games are hard to find!

  2. Nice, Galactic Pinball and Red Alarm are great games!

  3. @ oliver

    Thanks allot that you appreciate the other side =) its really nice to have a story to every piece

    Yes.really hard. that's all i got now

    @ Retro gamer

    Ill try them out asap sir !