Saturday, November 12, 2011

lonely boy Part II .... Lonely NO more !!!

having just a virtual boy controller (like THIS one) is like a -

coffee without a cup !
gun without some bullets !
husband without a wife !

its just not playable...

so, i gathered myself and once again exerted efforts just to complete my Virtual boy controller. I called and visited several fellows who might have come ac-crossed this item that i have been longing to have for the lonely boy. and guess what? none of them turned out to have seen one.

virtual boy is one of the consoles that i have been longing to have way back ago. Its unique and its not the typical console with outs to plug on the tv or the stuff that has small tv with it. Its like a weird telescope looking game console but is a catalyst to true 3d graphics video game technology.

who knew? when you don't even exert a single calorie , if its for you , its just for you. Sometime during the school break . A very nice large looking eye gear was sitting somewhere in the north ! we were like old friends that just re union-ed!

Its the perfect score ! a Virtual Boy Head gear unit.

WITH A BONUS! a Mario tennis placed just right the cartridge slot ! Its like 1 stone hitting two birds. Now its not that i need to worry for a head unit but also for a game to play with it!

wait!! theres more!! =D i also scored and almost left out the orinigal stand ! luckily i spent several more minutes lurking around

like a family, they are now complete Not with the original home (the box) but at my house lined up with my other console collections !

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