Monday, November 28, 2011

1982 Mattel Electronics Intellivision , the sweet young lady

What can i say? again its one of the not so many days that i get the "good stuff" in a "not so complete" condition. This time i got this nostalgic telephone looking Mattel Electronics Intellivision 2 . Its really pretty . really.

Its like one of the girls who you would definitely ask out, or maybe ask in =D

Its one of the very futuristic looking console i think. It has the Red racing stripes like circling around the very edgy body finish.

A guy console would definitely ask her out if she was indeed a lady. See those sexy PS2 and ATARI like ridges over the top and back? weeet weeeew !

Pretty neat huh? They surely served the purpose. More of the cooling system i guess and, since this baby was really produced primarily to reduce cost of production. They made it sexier than the initially released version.

You will surely like to run your fingers to her very nice red lips, o i meant finger pads , controllers =) very decent paddle control . Reminds me of an Ipod music player. You literally move the shiny black circle paddle button just like adjusting the volume of an Apple Ipod. I dont know if its clickable command button or what though. Well, not yet.

Unlike most machines , the cartridge slot lies at the right side, this devotchka has to be inserted with GAME cartridges, of course!

But just like any other girl around, She came with some difficulties for sure. Too bad this intellivision came with missing controller , no wonder intellivision 1 will probably not have that problem being the controllers permanently attached to the system. 9 pin controller port folks. looks like empty without them.

I also didn't get the original power adapter with it. Probably, this is the most common thing that will be missing when someone tosses out game consoles. Not like most retro consoles which use standard 9v volatage requirement, this young lady needs 16.2volts ! very odd.

I dont know why they did that but, this can cause me allot of problems, or maybe not? Someone told me that i can just use the common 9v 10v power adapter but i dont even want to gamble my love over this beautiful tinny winny.

She's mean. I really like the way Intellivision logo was placed at the front, like you do in the magazines, upper left part. Shiny and very classy.

Once again a long project. Just like an old fashoined lady wanting the traditional courtship, I need to search far and observe patience to find the controller 2 , power adapter that will work and game cartridges.

PS: Always remember guys, Girls are not toys . They must be .......

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