Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nintendo retro gaming can burn your fats ... MOVE to fight obesity !

There are many things about Nintendo Family Computer that amazes me. The accessories that were released for the console itself are almost limitless, always unique and very cool to have. I don't know if i am that lucky to get a hold on of this but, what the hell. I'm very happy to have it. I think its cool.

Its a Nintendo Family Computer Family Trainer

Yes. Its a 1986 release. I can assume that you might be thinking about the "dance dance revo" hit played on the SONY ps1 which had the similar looking dance pad.

It works pretty much the same though, you have a mat where in you step on pressure sensors to serve as your controller.

In my opinion, this accessory was released for the primary purpose of "fitness".


Well, I had this vision that, probably Nintendo was thinking that parents would be glad to have this with other common game cartridges so they're kids , aside from just playing favorite games just sitting around and earning calories, they thought that it would be nice to incorporate playing and actually burning some fats by running, jumping or just simply moving. Which was probably way better than sitting on a couch playing Bomberman and eating some cheesecake.

They had many game titles that tends to keep you, at least you feet, from moving that will somehow let you exercise with the mat.

I got it with a box and a game cartridge( title written in Japanese).

I think the kid who had it didn't had any interest of getting fats burned as much as Nintedo would have probably intended to =D

An image of world obesity rate from

As simple as a thin mat with sensors on it may it be. Point is, once upon a time, Nintendo people had this thought of collaborating a game with fitness, putting emphasis on the importance of ones physical health over being the highest pointer on a GALAGA action game =) After all we and everybody else can enjoy more on this retro gaming stuff if we are healthy inside and out!

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