Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1982 coleco GEMINI . an atari 2600 clone

Once again, I got an interesting local find. Since I am not a fan of overseas or Worldwide Ebay type of purchase, It is very hard to find things like this locally specially in such condition.

I got this minty console from a fellow down south named "Eric" (i promised him that one day i will feature this game console) who accidentally re-discovered it when they were moving out of their old house. He said he saw it lying just beneath the old boxes (together with a mario brothers game and watch).

He remembered having it and playing with it during the times, but did not happen to recover any of the games. Surprisingly, all the hookups and parts were complete! inside the very nice original box. Which vulgarly displays atari 2600 compatibility and etc =)

Once you slide the box (the opening is on the side) you will see this Styrofoam that serves as the storage and protection of the game console. Also, it has an embossed coleco logo on it which makes it really look cool and authentic.

One problem though is it didn't had the power adapter so he wasn't able to test it. He didn't had any interest like me either for him to put time in doing so. Its almost complete except for that one vacant slot on the styro which is the power adapter slot.

The paper works are still inside the box when i opened it. Unit manual, warranty registration card and the Donkey Kong game cartridge manual, because this specific package includes the Donkey Kong game, which had a very nice art work! one of the beautiful things that old gaming had.

Y connectors and Original RF tuner

One nice feature and difference of it at least, with the unparalleled atari 2600, are the controllers. It had the joystick and paddle both at one single controller. In my honest opinion , the controllers of this coleco gemini are way more easy and comfortable to use than those of atari 2600 .

slim and very nice looking !

I also like the leathery look that it has right at the center of the console itself. Makes the console look more durable and professional.

Since this console is an atari clone, i thought that it probably has the same voltage requirements like the original atari. Which i had, so i did not worry about it that much.

Now it will all boil down to whether it is working or maybe just a piece of an old history good for display =)

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