Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hand held feature : Nintendo game and watch Green House

Its very nice to see retro gaming handhelds from time to time. I admit however, that i am not really a fan of them. But, i like them! just not into collecting them. I just don't get that feeling of satisfaction from them like the ones that i get from consoles.

This Nintendo game and watch is one of the first handhelds that i owned and very first Game and Watch for that matter

The game is called "Green house" . Its a pretty cool game . Basically, you gain score by protecting plants and spraying the pests with insecticide (i assume). This issue of GW is pretty cool because of its dual screen feature. Yes, dual screen like those of today's seventh gen Nintendo DS

Nintendo Game and watch is a very though built to last machine. They were already around as early as 1980 and they still do exist, allot of them, until now.

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