Monday, November 14, 2011

My dream console ! Almost .... Othello Multivison FG-1000 by Tsukuda Original 1983

Being a collector, I have a console that i like the most. More than any other console, it is the console that i long have dreamed of having and playing .

Too bad i still do not own that now yet. Even though its the core system that I've been looking for.

That is a Sega SG-1000 . Which looks like this (credits for the original up-loader)

This console was released at the same date Nintendo released its Family Computer . I don't know if its just a coincidence or.. just one thing sure , it is SEGA's answer to the future raging famicom.

I dont really understand why i like it. Its just the way it looks and everything about it makes me want it even more as i research stuff about it.

Sega during that time has been really trying to do strategic moves by selling rights in trying to put a standard on how game consoles should be made . TSUKUDA ORIGINAL a japanese game company , bought rights to sega's SG-1000 for them to electronically distribute the game OTHELLO ,which they copyrighted from the originally game called reversi.

They manufactured a console with the same components like the Sega's SG-1000 but with a built in game "Othello". The console can play SG-1000 games together with its original othello multivision produced games.

So.It was a good catch when i got a hold of this console.but not as good if i got the SG-1000 that i was wishing.

Unlike the original SG-1000 , the Othello multivision has a built in keyboard in it on the console itself. Resembles some retro western gaming consoles like the atari and oddessy releases which had keyboard on them.

this was primarily because of its built in game Othello where you move on a board against a player

This console was released in two variations . The FG-1000 (this) and the FG-2000 which looked almost the same but with a BLUE color and a joystick without the tilt handle.

Mine (FG-1000) had this joystick

while the FG-2000 had this flat joystick and a blue color (credits to original photo up-loader)

The distrubution life of FG-1000 did not last long for the FG-2000 replaced it immediately mainly because of the more comfortable joystick that it had plus the extra joystick that came with it in the package upon purchasing.

Yes you can play two player in this thing ! The second player controller port is in the side of the console . 9-pin port

This box proves that its really a Sega licensed copy of the SG-1000 and can play SC-3000 games

I don't know if this is a rarity or what. But I'm happy to have it in anyway because it has definitely the gaming history value on it =) and by the way . Its a complete set . I have the Box . Original adapter and etc.

I don't have games for it yet now so i am looking for some. If someone has one i hope you can hook me up!


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  2. Thanks so much sir! Doesn't have allot yet though , well , not as much as yours =)

    Yes! for sure. Your Blog really looks nice btw =)

  3. Nice console I have an SG-1000 blue sticker and this one looks nice too.

    1. Nice ! i really wish one day i can have this very nice console.