Saturday, November 12, 2011

a lonely boy . Nintendo Virtual boy Controller

My virtual boy controller has been sitting on my shelves for quite a while since i scored it sometime last august. from that day on,Ive been looking around and all over for its head unit. I was bit happy when i bought it, for i have at least 50% of the whole unit to work. But, time went on and not even a glimpse of the head unit showed up, not even a cartridge.

Sometime , weeks ago, The hell. I already gave up on it. Thinking about the fact that the Nintendo Virtual Boy was only sold for roughly 5 months being it having allot of negative feed backs. So i thought, this stuff is pretty hard to find. I placed the controller here in my ads considering that someone might need it . Someone who has actually the head unit and might have a good use for it.

to be continued .... click HERE

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