Friday, November 4, 2011

a proud PINOY game console!

who doesn't know Manny paquiao ? or maybe charise pempengco? well not many.
that's at least for Philippine entertainment and sports. but since were talking about retro video games heck, Video games? i mean , Orinal and authentic creation of Video game console designs, concept, etc?

I never thought id encounter , which i consider my greatest find of the year, such a beautiful machine that i never thought existed.

ladies and gentlemen an original and proudly PINOY made 1976 Color Game by INTERCON MARKETING CORPORATION

what can i say? cant find more information as of now aside from that its a console which has 6 games which are hockey , tennis and handball variations which are just the best games during those era (pong era)

its dated somewhere in the year of 1976 made in the philippines sold in the USA . its odd that i saw one posted on Ebay that says "Made is the USA" but exactly looks the same. Now i dont know if it the whole concept and idea of the console was indeed from the Philippines.

heres what i got that says "Made in the Philippines"

according to research this game was sold in two variations of box white (posted above) and black one. also saw one variation of color which looks like this  (credits to original uploader of photo)

1976 was not really a great time for many Filipinos for we are under martial law . So its startling that under those circumstances, this video game is played under rattling shades of houses by kids during those times, which are probably our grandfathers now. Well, not many kids , probably the family's  who had some extra, for this game came out not cheap for sure. This machine right here served its purpose of the "entertainment" value amidst of whats happening outside when its turned off.

I'm very proud that i have found this thing, not only because its rare but mainly of the history, the Philippine history that comes with it. I don't know who personally owned it and how, but,  it really brings me allot of chill when i think about the family , the kid who owned it (which for sure had bragging rights all over the town) and the parents who bought this thing during 1976 .That's just way to cool for me.

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