Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cartride tagging (cartridge battles)

Some people generally categorize collectors into two types. The so called "boxed" and "loose" collectors. basically, boxed collectors want stuff which are in mint, if not very good condition, boxed and complete. Some even get stuff only which are factory sealed(which can be very costly). While some others, "loose" collectors, just don't care much about these boxes , manuals and physical condition of the item as long as it serves its intended essence.

That pretty much defines me as a collector(loose). Boxes, manual , good physical condition for me are just bonus. To be honest, it even makes me happier to see signs of usage and ownership embarked in the items for that says something about the history about it.

Do you remember putting your name on every cartridge that you owned back then? So if a friend borrows it , you have every right to get it back because it youre my name on it. ( i dont know if this is a name because i cant read japanese)it was a pretty popular technique during the old times .

This kid who owned this might have lots of love on this game that he wrote something on the back BIG enough

Cartridge tagging also breached allot of problems during the days ! believe it or not. =D Sibling rivalry ? solved by simple cartridge tagging. No wonder these brothers had some issues so probably the mom or dad decided that they need to label them this way

tagging comes in different ways just to give you comfort

see this Circus charlie famicom cart. The original owner placed a typewritten Circus charlie label covered with clear tape on top of it. Probably because he sorted out his games right about close to each other seeing only the top part and placed this so he can just easily read the top to pick the right game whenever he wants to play.

Small things like this give me smile in my face. I think for a second and imagine the kid who once had it, and what was running through his mind that very moment. The all fun moments.

also, tagging was sure a use for companies who run the business

cartridge tags will make you crazy =D, funny crazy because they can really get weird sometimes. From heart drawings , cut photos , game cheats , they write almost anything that makes them feel comfortable seeing in the cartridge.This actually can somehow give you an idea about the person who owned it.

Like this one that can lead you to many scenarios . Why did he/she write a phone number at the back of a game cartridge? Thousand and one possibilities e'? can you give me some ? ha ha

ill do an imaginary scenario :

The guy was playing then someone called him on the phone - gave an important number that he needed to save - sees a pen - looks for paper - cant find anywhere near - guy on the line says "faster i'm in a hurry" - sees bunch of cartridges that he played, picks NES cartridge because its huge - thinks - doesn't want to write on the art work in front - had no choice - writes on the back !

That's just one =D

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