Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Atari class : Atari computer the 8 bit Atari 600 xl 16k memory


Atari showcased allot of class in doing very nice looking consoles , computers and peripherals. This makes them very much collectible. Not just because they are good looking but also, they are very durable and they really do last a long time.

I don't have much of that Atari stuff though because they are very hard to find these days.I have a few, here's one. What i have here is an Atari 600xl . Its one of those home computers that was made by Atari.

You see its very neat. Very professional looking dark brown dirty white finish plus the stainless aluminum buttons which are place at the right side. It has also a LED light that gives you signal when the unit is turned on.

This thing is pretty deceiving. Its heavy. Seems like a keyboard weight but its one of those well built machines that have metal shielding on it. No wonder its really a quality stuff because you can literally say that it has solid parts basing on its weight.

very nice ventilation also.

The cartridge slot lies on the top with a aluminum cover on it. Actually reminds me of my Othello Multivision which i also posted here. I really like this feature because it really helps the cartridge slot from dusts when not in use.

Being said that, cartridge port of this Atari 600xl can host games from the atari 5200 which are kind of smaller and better than those of atari 2600's

I don't have any games fir this yet by the way.

It has also the same controller ports replacement at the side right. Uses 9 pin port. Yes, you can actually use stock Atari 2600 and Sega genesis controllers. So that pretty much makes it cool.

Whats nice is, even though this thing has an OS on it and was indeed a home computer, you don't need to put commands or anything like that when you want to play a game. You can just insert that cartridge and it instantly loads. No matter if its a disk game from its peripheral or what.

They keys are very noticeable. Very nicely done and neat. Looks like an electric typewriter back in the days.

That's it folks. My Atari 600xl . If someone can hook me up with peripherals or games it'll be great. I wanna see it run like it did back in the days. Or maybe hand it down to someone who wants it. for a good price =D

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