Saturday, December 24, 2011

3/3 TOMY collection series : 1978 TOMY Digital derby

Okay. Happy holidays to every one ! Its that time of the year again! Honestly, i am too busy attending parties and family gatherings but i felt guilty for not completing the 3 part TOMY goodness series so, here i am stealing some of the very precious holiday time to update my gaming blog! (true)

Anyway, here is my retro game 1978 Tomy digital derby (auto raceway) being said that, i am kind off busy, i haven't had that time really to clean it up , so please excuse me for the still dirty stuff

Again! The very nice control panel ! This time, since this unit is about a car racing game, it gives you that pleasure of a "car driver's seat" look.

You got there a very nicely done small but very realistic looking steering wheel . Not a typical steering wheel , but a racing type !

With the speed gauges over the dashboard, the lap counter is at the bottom left which serves as your lap and score also.

Very cool, it lets you drives faster with the shift gears 1 2 3 and neutral so you can stop for a while and avoid car crash!

Really reminds me of the famicom game "Road fighter" Almost the same gameplay really , Time bound ,

slows when you bump the cars but , you don't have to get any gas cars though and you cant let superman fly even getting it perfect =D


  1. ah - I KNEW I remembered having one of these Tomy games you've been talking about and this was it! I remember playing this one back when I was kid. Pretty cool stuff. Wish I knew where it was these days... Thanks and happy holidays back at ya!

  2. MadPlanet - Thanks! Its really a thing of beauty, still playable until now. I hope you can still find yours! Might just be lying around somewhere your house =D

  3. I loved this game as a child!